Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday Mix

Deadlines Deadlines!

It's the end of the month again, and we are all wound up with winding up our plans. The Slytherin Society of the Arched Brow is busy with updates; hop on over here to start to start reading at Tangeldav's awesome post (First Class Quest plus Silver Serpent, and almost a week before the end of the month, too!) and if you're questing, don't forget to put in your own update some time today. (I think early tomorrow morning is also accepted.)

Quidditch is almost done, as the Yule Ball finishes October 30, not 31. The 31st is for planning big projects, because there is lots of time for Sport next month. I do, however, believe that we blitzed the ball this month...

Slytherin OWL 50%'s are at 32 as I write this, with a handful more waiting approval. Don't forget, there is not half the term left, only a third! Get cracking, Seashelly! :)

NEWTs: Congratulations to Eurekas, GirlyWithATwist and NeedlesNSwiffers and Bidibid, who earned a total 400 points in the last week by reaching 75% NEWT.

My favorites of the week.

Having trouble with pictures on my computer today, so I linked to the project pages.

ClanMac's simple but beautiful Citron (nice yardage, too!)

CatOPeace's long entrelac scarf 

ElizabethsMummy's first ever sweater (Lottie-sized)

Happy Crafting, Snakeys!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 4

Masters of the Universe! I have the POWERRRRR! Oh, uh, hi there. Sorry, I was carried away by the abundance of all the necropants in the dungeon. Sight beyond sight, growing swords…another time then.

Slytherins rule the school this week. Boo-ya. We are an inch behind the Griffs overall, so anyone and everyone who hasn’t washed something – hurry up and do it. Filtch is getting itchy fingers and he likes things clean. Seriously, we’re only at the half way point in potions posts and you’ve only got two and a half days left; don’t miss out on this possible extra prize of yarny goodness.

Thanks to the brilliant thong-a-long Ancient Runes was packed full of sexy snakes. All the classes were packed overall, but most of the rest of the school favored Defense Against the Dark Arts. The most empty seats were in Transfiguration, but not many.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: I ate too much Halloween candy and I can’t stop vibrating. (I know your dirty little minds are working overtime on that one.) Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

We can do this my lovely Snakes! Remember to turn in your partials if you just can’t get it done by the end of Monday.

Now I'm going back to playing Thudercats with my painted and barely costumed hotties(old cartoon from my youth - so cheesy). Play it safe out there Noble Slytherins.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attack of the Hottie Monster!

In honor of Halloween, this week we have a winner for the Hottie Monster vote!

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman the vampire from True Blood!

A perennial favorite in the Dungeon (just ask peanutzmom!), Mr. Skarsgard achieves the perfect blend of scary and sexy in this role.

Yeah, he can share my hammock any time.

We're about to head into the start of November, but in the rush of finishing up and starting classes, don't forget to nominate more hotties. This coming week we will be celebrating Silver Foxes and Silver Vixens! Who says someone has to be young to be hot? Take a stand against our overly youth-obsessed culture and post pics of your favorite hottie who proudly sports his or her grey, white, or silver hair.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dancing Dancing Dancing!

The Yule Ball Event: Dance Steps is proving to be fast and furious. The cuppers seem to be really enthusiastic about learning the new dance steps. Here is the score as of this morning.

Slytherin 50 dances!!
Hufflepuff 39
Gryffindor 35
Ravenclaw 19

You guys are doing great! Don't forget our little motivation for this event. If you turn in 2 dances you will be entered into a drawing to win a Ravelry pattern of your choice up to $5. You have until Oct 30th to turn in your projects. Keep up the great work!!

Upcoming events:
Nov 1st: We will have 2 events starting on this day, The 3rd Tri-Wizard Task and Yule Ball Event # 3: The Yule Ball!

3rd Task To be eligible for the 3rd Task you need to have completed both Task 1 and Task 2. All eligible snakes are listed here. The prompts have not been listed yet, but we do have some information to keep in mind for the last task. The task will be worth 35 points for each turn in. The minimal yardage is 300. And the big difference is NO Spinning or Dyeing allowed for this task. You will have until Nov 30 to complete this task. Our tags are SEarth3QF11, SAir3QF11, SFire3QF11, SWater3QF11

Yule Ball Event # 3: The Yule Ball! It is time to dress your best. For this event you must create wearables/accessories or mini versions of wearables/accessories. More info can be found here. You have until Nov 21 to complete your project. Our tag for this even will be YBSlyQF11

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monday Mix

According to the Calendar...

there are 8 days left of the month. That's just enough time to finish off your half-OWLs, your Potions homework, and a couple of dances in Quidditch. Grab your coffee and your yarn, and head out to the Cruise Ship Deck. The sun is shining, and there's always a nice hottie available for sunscreening (so you don't get your needles and hooks greasy...)


We are holding the lead in OWL 50%'s at the moment, but it's a close race. How many approved OWLs are there so far?
Slytherin 21

Ravenclaw 20
Gryffindor 20
Hufflepuff 19

Close! Awesome work!


I can't figure out an easy way to count the score at the moment, but last time our Keeper, BCTS1022,  posted the unofficial score, we were ahead
Slytherin 21
Gryffindor 17
Hufflepuff 16
Ravenclaw 6

Since we've been pretty consistent with our ballroom tactics, I'm going to assume we're still the belles of the ball :) Keep an eye on our Quidditch Thread, for score updates.

My favorite projects of the week

NQFY, ThereSmiling, whipped up this beautiful shawl in a fortnight for Ancient Runes. Let's hope she likes hotties...

NeedlesNSwiffers' (spiked) Butterbeer socks. I don't know what they're spiked with, but it will warm you all the way to your toes!

Maigret's Mashed Potato and Tango. Think she might have been dancing to Christmas Carols... :)

Remember, Snakeys, there are prizes all over the place this month. Make sure you get in your Potions and Detentions, and don't forget to take your favorite hottie over to the Yule Ball for a while. They deserve a bit of fun.

waltzes off...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 3

What an awesome week for the Noble House of Slytherin! We turned in the most homework by about 10. Yessssssss! We’re catching up to the Gryffs.

Snakes favored Care of Magical Creatures this week while the rest of the school was to be found in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ancient Runes was sparse this week, so give those Professors a bit of a break and try to post to that class early in the week so they’re not overwhelmed by the flood of homework that will be turned in. I seem to recall a conversation I had a few terms ago about zombies. Someone was convinced that we would let the zombies into Hogwarts, but never fear I came to our defense quickly. I stated of course we wouldn’t –the zombies would eat all the hotties. Duh. We have priorities. Thanks for helping me prove we are well prepared.

In other news: LAST WEEK TO TURN IN HOMEWORK! OK, it’s a little more than one week, but seriously, things are wrapping up fast. Post those pictures, especially in Potions, you don’t want to lose out on your chance at yarny goodness from our beloved Abycat.

Random rumor: both Frankenstein and candy corn were seen about the ship this week. The big green guy was so cute we let him serve drinks.

Ship’s Mess will be open late all this week and hotties will be on hand with extra quills to help with completing homework. Don’t forget to get your 50% OWLs in.

It’s a Super Snakey month! Let’s do this!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Queen of the Femme Fatales

This week's Hottie-Off Winner is Alex Kingston as River Song on Doctor Who!

This is her second win this term, showing how popular she is with the Dungeon denizens, so let's showcase her in her timey-wimey hotness and general bada$$ery.

Now, once you are finished perusing the pictures, head on over to the hotties thread in the Snake Pit and nominate your favorite Monster Hotties! Since we're gearing up for all of the fun that is Halloween, post pics of hotties playing monsters in movies or on television. Should be an interesting week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Very Special Episode of Detention

This month, any project turned into Detention and meant to be gifted to someone else earns the Severus Snape Badge, named in honor of our beloved former Head of House, for the gift of devotion he gave to Lily Evans Potter.

Yesterday, kims challenged Slytherin to turn in 69 Detention projects eligible for the Severus Snape Badge, and I promised to post every single one of them on the blog if we do.

This week, though, I'm only posting one.

While most students avoid the Detention Hall, slinking past with their WIPs tucked under their arms, hoping no one will notice they haven't quite finished them yet, GothKnitty set out this month to craft something special (and then turned in a completed WIP, too).

Intended to cheer up a friend "going into Hospital  to have a camera up her bum," and simultaneously thank her for her unfailing kindness and emotional support, this little pumpkin = Love.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time for Some New Moves

This has been a busy week in the Quidditch World. Task #2 just concluded with a mad dash of cuppers trying to get their tasks in at the last minute. My very unofficial count (because I have had no coffee and numbers hate me) are as followed:

Hufflepuff: 64
Ravenclaw: 53
Slytherin: 50
Gryffindor: 42

We did not end up on top, but it was a very close race. Good job to all those who participated!

Now we move forward to the Yule Ball Event #2:Dance Steps. Looks like this is going to be a lot of fun. You can complete 2 different dances for points this time around. Info on the different dances can be found here.
For added motivation I will be doing a prize drawing for those Snakes who have learned 2 dances for this event. The prize will be a Ravelry pattern of the winners choice up to $5. The drawing will take place after the end of the Yule Ball Event on Oct 30th. I will be announcing the winner on Oct. 31st! So please don't forget to tag your projects with YBSlyQF11 to be eligible.

The numbers for the cuppers who have already mastered some of the dancers are:

Hufflepuff: 9 dances
Gryffindor: 5 dances
Slytherin: 4 dances
Ravenclaw: 1 dance
NQFY/SOS: 1 dance

The first dance conquered by one of our lovely snakes (didao) was The Chudley Cannanball! Didao made the dance look effortless!

Now go grab your favorite Hottie and learn some new dance moves! Remember to have fun!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mix

This week on the HMS Severus Snape...

The ramp is done!
The baby is getting bigger!
Hotties are busy in the sick bay, whippin' off their tshirts to wipe sweaty brows and rubbing sore feet
Off-ship tragedies caused a tidal wave of hugs to wash over the ship
Slytherin cuties escaped the playroom and ran amok for a while


Goal by Hokieknitter

Slytherins have been scoring goals left right and center this week. Sadly, no snitch, but there are now about 50 people in the running for Task 3. Remember, we have 4 whole weeks to do Task 3, so ponder while you dance... make sure you check out the Yule Ball this fortnight. There are some very quick and easy dancing options (CoughDyeingCough), and thirty points for two dances is nothing to be sneezed at.


Six have reached the 50% mark now, officially, with half a dozen more waiting to be official!


(One of the first by Rockinsticks)

The official turn in date is October 25. You know you want to!

P.S. Wash some wool and turn it in for Potions. There's a prize!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 2

Well Snakes, the points for last month are out and we are currently second, but only behind the Griffs by 861 points. We did turn in more homework than them, but bonus points, Quidditch and detention seems to have fallen in their favor. Don’t panic, however, just adjust your Evil deceptive cheating brilliant homework plans accordingly. Note to self: get a new Quick –Quotes Quill this one’s too accurate glitchy.

This week Lions are still ahead on homework, but we’re not too far behind. I’m sure you Slytherins are all working on larger assignments for better extra credit points and there will be a flurry (again) of homework posts soon.

Snakes were packed into the potions class (not surprising after Abycat gave us all great incentive). Charms class was lacking in brilliant Slytherin students this week. The rest of the school is still favoring Defense Against the Dark Arts with the most empty desks in Ancient Runes. Take a peek, Hogwarts, Ancient Runes this month is fun and useful.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: I was stuck in a conga-line with a giant dancing banana.

Stay crafty snakes, there are three more weeks of the month, so crank out your OWLs and NEWTs and kick some butt in Quidditch. For those of you doing BROOMS, I understand you’re just being stealthy.

Keep up the great work Snakes!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inked Up Hotties!

This past week's hottie theme was hotties with ink, i.e., tattoos. I don't think it will shock anyone that one of our very own house hotties got the most votes. Sporting his out-of-fashion but still somehow sexy Dark Mark, the winner by a landslide was Luscious Lucius Malfoy!

Oops, no sorry, wrong dark mark:

And a little photo montage to show him in his more usual level of personal grooming:

And one of my all-time favorite Lucius pics, Pimpin' Lucius:

This next week's theme is Femme Fatales! So go nominate your favorite dangerous women over in the Bring Forth the Hotties thread in the Snake Pit.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Detention Round-Up: Welcome to Toytown

It's lonely in Detention this month. So lonely, I think I may need some cheering up.

Lucky for me, freply and slothmuffin have me covered.

This is Frances, the Last-Minute Monster. Would you just look at that sweet face?

And this is Wonky, the Granny-Square Tortoise.

What's that Wonky? I'm sure Frances would give you a sip of her Starbucks, if you offer to share your salad.

Oh, no. I don't need anything, sweetheart.

softnshiny made me a Cosmo.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Task #2 Continues!

Someone has slipped something into the Badger's Muffins. Right now they are dominating Task #2. We need to send either Hotties or Death by Cuteness to distract them. The score so far is:
Badgers 22
Snakes 14
Lions 12
Eagles 11

But never fear my Lovely Snakes there are still a few days left so keep crafting! For those who are still crafting remember Task #2 ends on Oct 15th.

Upcoming Events:
Oct 15th- Task #2 ends. Don't forget to tag your projects and posts! SEarth2QF11, SAir2QF11, SFire2QF11, SWater2QF11
Oct 16th- Yule Ball: Dance Steps begin! It is time to put on your dancing shoes and learn some new steps! You can learn up to two different steps. Learn more about the steps here. Important things to note about this event are you DO NOT have to work with a partner. Each crafted item must be at least 25 yards. And finally each item is worth 15 points each. The tag to use for this event is YBSlyQF11.

That is it for this week! Have fun everyone! You guys rock.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Mix

This week on the HMS Severus Snape:

Wedding stories
Prank advice for deserving hubbies
Potions competition
Thanksgiving recipes
Slytherlings and their sleeping styles
and this evil, evil post from the evil SoftNShiny.


Task 2 is well underway, and of the 70 Slytherins eligible to compete, I count 12 completed so far. Most of six days remains, so I'm sure there'll be dozens more. Watch that Quidditch thread. It's fun, just to see how creative people can get to fit What I Want To Make into the prompt somehow!


It's nearly 50% time! Technically, we have until the end of the month, but we have to remember that the end of the month is in fact two-thirds of the way through the term! Five have already been handed in for 250 points to Slytherin! Well done, quick Snakeys!


We have 6 NEWT students in Slytherin at the moment, and 4 of them are already up to 50%.

Bidibid is designing and knitting a beaded lace stole/star chart!

Eurekas is knitting and spinning All The Things, including

NeedlesNSwiffers is Evenstarring

And PEby has been doing a little bit of garter stitch, to start off with...

Woo hoo!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 1

Alas, the first week of October is done already and we have once again come in second for homework turn-in posts. I am not fretting, for I know you crafty snakes are working hard and squirreling away your projects (tis the season to squirrel, after all) and will blow me away the week of Halloween. We’re only about 10 projects behind the Griffs (those Lions are workin’ it this term!), so someone get a KAL going.

Also, our amazing Abycat has generously offered up a chance to win yarny goodness for every Slytherin who submits potions homework this month, so re-arrange your plotting accordingly. I challenge you all to post potions and expect to see 160 posts from the Noble House of Slytherin; spread the word and check up on your nest mates.

Snakes did favor Potions this week and were suspiciously absent from Charms class. Most of the rest of school was participating in Defense against the Dark Arts with the most empty seats to be found in Transfiguration. Once again the Ravenclaws are scare to be found around the campus and one wonders if there is a sickness that has been passed amongst them. Perhaps we should organize a study group with them, as many of us consider ourselves part Claw?

I heard a rumor that our Whipmistress is missing, perhaps a plot is afoot? Stay on your guard snakes and remember: no candy until your homework is done!

This is Evil signing off because I actually have finished homework that I forgot to turn in. My nest is going to start taking away my hotties if I don’t keep up my grades. Yikes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This week, the winner of the Hilarious Hotties Contest was the one and only Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon (my favorite character) on The Big Bang Theory! He's funny, he's sexy, he has a strange talent with spoons, -- what's not to love?

For this coming week, go to the Bring Forth the Hotties thread in the Snake Pit and nominate your favorite tattooed guys and gals for the Hotties with Ink contest!

October Detention Round-Up: Socks!

I apologize for the delay this week. I was on my way down to the Detention classroom, and I... well... Oh, this is embarrassing. I tripped over my own feet, and tumbled all the way down the stairs. Lucky for me that my project bag cushioned my fall! The worst part was that Professor Snape saw me do it. He did help me up, but I could tell that he was *not* impressed. He suggested I try an anti-fumblefoot charm, but since he didn't tell me how to cast one, I've been experimenting on my own. I think Misselle and LambChop00 might be able to help me.


LambChop00's worked a stairway charm she calls Slippery Slope. I'm sure she meant "Not-So-Slippery Slope," because I've never seen her roll down the stairs.

And Misselle's Small Wings should carry whoever wears them safely over any obstacle. Even her own left foot.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Slytherins Attack Task #2

Task #2 is going on now!
While the Snakes were not the first to score in the 2nd Task we are currently holding a narrow lead.
Slytherin 2
Hufflepuff 1
Ravenclaw 1
Gryffindor 1

LambChop00 was the first of the Slytherin to score with her beautiful hand spun yarn

Followed quickly by maigret with her adorable hat!

Keep up the great work! You have until Sat. Oct 15th to complete Task #2. Remember to participate in this Task you need to have completed Task #1. If you have not read the prompts for this task please see the main Quidditch thread here. Don't forget to post the proper tag in your turn in post. The tags for Task #2 are SEarth2QF11, SAir2QF11, SFire2QF11, SWater2QF11

Quidditch Wrap Up
The Snakes made a very strong showing in both Task#1 and the Yule Ball event Pick Your Partners. See see my full report please check it out here. But be warned that Dancing Snape will suck you in.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mix

Slytherin Stats of Splendour

The OWL thread is now locked, and there are a few proposals waiting for approval, but not enough to make a difference to the Awe of the Dungeons! Counting up approved OWL's from page 1 of the thread gave me these figures:

Gryffindor: 73
Hufflepuff: 65
Ravenclaw: 67
Slytherin: 99

We put in the most proposals in Charms, Arithmancy, DADA, CoMC, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, Muggle Studies and Potions (Snape would be proud).

OWL approval does not  get us any points, of course, so the rest is up to Seashelly!


Proving that your OWL is up to 50% by October 31 will be worth 4,950 points for Slytherin, so hit the yarn, Snakeys!

As for the Order of the Phoenix, it's a bit more time consuming to count. I ran a thread search for each of the house names, and came up with

Gryffindor 94
Hufflepuff 76
Ravenclaw 94
Slytherin 100

Alrischa sniffs and wipes away a tiny tear of pride.

Classy Classes

Softnshiny in Divination
Cinderly in Herbology

Hazelly in Potions

In case you haven't noticed, there is a ridiculously easy ... erm... Fast and Fun Potions assignment this month. All Slytherins who can use a bucket and camera should get 15 points for this class! (All the other houses will probably do the same, though, so see if you can earn some bonus points if possible.)

Extra Extra

This month we're having a baby shower! Little Lottie (size XXXXXS) is going to be covered with the best by the end of the month. There are many classes into which baby clothing would fit, so check out the thread soon! (Coz she's growin'!)

We're also having an attempt at the Mass Turn In Record. This month in Ancient Runes, lingerie will be snowing down! Check out the THONGALONG  here.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; Week 4

EvilOverlady314 shambles into the common room. She stumbles a bit as she makes her way over to the Bulletin Board and posts a paper using the magically magnetic tacks. One of the tacks misses the paper and pins her sleeve to the board. Evil pulls feebly at it for a moment and then leans against the wall and falls asleep. Misha Collins comes over and scoops up Evil while unpinning her from the Board. She barely wakes and mumbles “are the new classes up yet?” Misha carries her off to her room, “Not tonight. You plot much better in the morning over coffee anyway, Mistress.”

I am amazed and exhausted. What an amazing bunch of crafters we have in the House Cup! The classrooms were packed in the last week of September – more than one professor was overheard casting an extension charm. Usually the average homework assignments completed each week per house is around 75; this week EACH house averaged around 260. I told you the Ravenclaws would figure out the jinx out of their tower, however, and they turned in the most homework (300). Nice job Claws.

Snakes had a lot of fun in Astronomy this week, and were least likely to be found in Divination and Muggle Studies. Most of the rest of the school favored Care of Magical Creatures this week, but as I said, every class was packed.

But wait! It’s month end and my brilliant plotting Snakes posted the most overall homework assignments for this month. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Also, remember to give lots of love and always give respect to our amazing teachers; they are overworked and underpaid. I want to put this in perspective for all of you: not including NQFYs,SOS and Detention posts, there were 1,954 homework projects this month. That's a lot of grading; my eyes are blurring from just counting them all.

There is no homework excuse for this week – get started and you may get a prize for turning in some homework in the first week of classes. Keep it up Slytherins and the Cup stays here.