Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Term.... deserves a New Look

New Editor-in-Chief - TrustCrazyIdeas - checking in with a before term report! 

Only two days are left until Winter 2012 term starts - and the Snakes are getting restless!

Plotting cup domination Planning for classes is well underway!

The Unity Team has been plotting planning and with the help and ideas from many in the Snake Pit have come up with quite a few Craft-a-longs underway to help motivate the Snakes to taking home the cup for the third win in a row!!!  Check out the Triple Crown Threats thread for more information. From classes, to detention to missions and more - there is something for everyone in Unity the term!

It seems our Quest Mistress - Abycat has been very busy, planning for us to be spending a lot over over-nighters this term to make GirlyWithATwist's dream of being a 3 time-a-row House Cup Winning HOH come true. Find some snazzy pajamas and join us in questing for the cup! 

Lastly in news - The list of Snake Nests has been posted! Hopefully everyone is settling into their nests nicely!  

I have one question left for you all... IS IT JANUARY YET?????