Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the Dungeon: February?!?!

So, the last time I reported in on the Dungeon mishaps it was January. And now it seems to already be February. I'm not sure how that happened...'s some interesting. It's definitely not all of the interesting, but it's things that made me giggle. This goes back to the last time I posted, which was in January. Remember, as always, the important stuff can be found in the header of the common room. Also, the Scenic Route is always good for those on a time budget (and/or a fetish for the Doctor).

Happy Crafting and Plotting, Slytherins! 

February Class Ideas

Time is just flying by! I apologize for the lateness in getting this post up; March's will be right on time (she said, with her fingers crossed behind her back...)!

Transfig: Make something scary.
That's it.  Just make something scary.  What scares you?  DPNs, magic loop, spiders, tiny needles, acrylic, spiders, cold tea, spiders?  Use a technique you've been avoiding, or make a furry bag out of something vile and acrylic.

DADA: Unscarify something that scares you.
(Yes, I just made that word up.)
So, let's revisit that list of things that terrifies you: steeking, spiders, colorwork, seaming, two socks at once, spiders.  Pick one and make it funny, or cute (I was going to link an amigurumi spider here, but looking at them gave me the shivers-ugh!), or easier to tackle.

There are bonus points for Transfig and DADA if you make two separate projects and somehow link them together.  So make a scary icky fish for Transfig, then make sushi for DADA (no, not the fish to sushi amigurumi--you'll have to make two separate projects to get them counted for both classes).  Or make something out of horrifying acrylic for DADA and then make a baby blanket for a friend out of nice, soft, not-evil (ha, I laughed when I typed that; there's no such thing as not-evil acrylic) microfiber.

Potions: Make something hateful.
Very, very similar assignment to Transfig this month, but with some subtle differences.  As with Transfig, the hate can be for any part of the construction: the technique, the materials, the finished product, the recipient.  Generally you've got a reason to hate something.  Is there a technique you KNOW you don't like using?  A fiber you're allergic to (if you're strongly allergic, don't try to go this method. I'm talking about mild discomfort here, people. Mild.)?  Can you make something for someone, knowing they'll hate it? You'll get bonus points for schadenfreude, and making that person have to pretend to like your gift.  This is your chance to make that Weasley sweater for a 16-year-old.
Basically, if you're looking at a project wondering if you should knit on it or stab the needles into your eyes, you're doin' it right.  (Please don't stab the needles into your eyes.  We encourage small projects for Potions this month.  So it's over before it kills you.)

Charms: Hidden messages, or objects that change.
Oh, this one is so open-ended! (Okay, they all are...)  Just about anything qualifies as a hidden message--binaryrunesinside jokesillusion knitting...  Sell it. Kiki is mulling over the secret language of flowers. Anything that means something to you that a casual viewer won't see or understand is a perfect hidden message.
Things that change have been covered pretty extensively in the class thread, but the basic idea is that it has to be a complete transformation.  We're talking sushi/fish (yes, the amigurumi this time), chicken/egg, scarf/shrug (keeps neck or shoulders warm, but not both at the same time), or anything else that changes completely from one thing to another.

Herbology: Something you found at the bottom of the lake
It's Gillyweed month!  Grow some gillyweed and nom it, then take a trip into the lake.  All you have to do is knit up something that represents your journey or something you found.  Don't forget to add a short essay about the effects the gillyweed had on you.  I have a feeling more creative essays will get more bonus points this month. :-)
Things you could make: water (waves, feather and fan, etc), lake plants (kelp, coral), fish, mermen, rocks, bubbles, nets, or pretty much anything that might have been dropped into a lake at some point.

Astronomy:  Something from Antichthon, the Earth's opposite
What would you wear to this planet? What would you bring back from it? What colors would it inspire for your own projects (maybe everyone wears yellow hats there?)?  What kind of strange muggle or wizarding technologies do they have?  Remember to include an essay about your experience on this planet.  Like Herbology, Astronomy projects will benefit from more creative and detailed posts this month.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Enabling to the Extreme

So while waiting for classes earlier today, I took some time to look for more Slytheriny goodness. It was a great day until the little Slytherboys decided to act like little heathens. But now they are in bed and I have some peace and quiet...along with some sangria and the race car driver who always makes me squee like a school girl. Anyway, onto the Slytherific goodness.

First in line is a Professor Severous Snape plushie. I think it totally captures his essence perfectly. And its squishy to boot. Although I am not sure if our dear Professor would be amused by this.

Next in line is a Slytherin Crest Silver Bracelet. It can also be converted into a necklace if you prefer that as well. There are quite a few really cool items in this shop so be sure to check the rest of them as well.

And then there was the Basilisk. A very large snake that puts the fear of Voldemort into many. But we as Slytherins embrace the snake. So no fear here.

And last but certainly not least, a Slytherin Inspired Pendant. It features a snake, a broomstick, and is sparkly. What more do you need? How about a pair of earrings to go with it?
And now I am off to go find those circular needles for Potions class. I think I saw them in the race car but can't quite remember. Well, the race car driver can help me find them.
Until next time...

Quiet Snakes

Hello Slytherins!  Today I’ll be interviewing underreigns, one of our quiet, but talented, second-years.

Heya underreigns!  Thanks for chatting with me.  How did you originally find out about the House Cup?
I found out about the house cup via my local knitting group.  Most of us are involved.  I’m proud to say that 5 of us are Slytherins! (=

Are you a knitter, crocheter, spinner, weaver?
I’m a knitter that crochets only when it’s the will of the Great Lord Cthulhu, and begrudgingly then.

What other crafts and hobbies do you love?
I’m also a poet, a classical musician (bassoon and flute), a photographer, and a painter. I’m a metal enthusiast and have a weakness for dance parties.

Don’t we all!  What else do you do when you’re not knitting?
When I’m not knitting I’m either bogged down with muggle college classes or trying to figure out how to get into space--as I’m far more interested in giant gas clouds and clusters than most muggles.

Well, star clusters are more interesting than most muggles…  Do you knit for yourself or for other people?
I knit mostly for other people and when they leave me alone, I find time to knit myself things.  It’s the curse of the knitter; people see you knitting and assume that it won’t take up your valuable time, effort, and money just to whip them up a hat or a sweater.

What is your dream project for yourself?
Well, for now, my goals aren’t lofty.  I want to eventually make a perfectly fitted, snuggly, button-up sweater.

Mmm, that does sound nice.  What project are you most proud of so far?
I’m most proud of my stole even though it was a super quick knit and incredibly easy.  I love how classy it looks, and actually, it was nominated for a potions award last semester.  Also, because it’s the only thing I’ve crocheted and it came out so well, I’m particularly proud of Cthulhu.

Wow! That’s fantastic.  Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration, a lot of times, in movies.  But generally I find ideas from my friend updates.  I steal, I have no shame.

Lastly, what are your crafting goals for this term?
To fit the requests I have from my muggle friends into class assignments, without them realizing it’s magical! ;)