Saturday, October 1, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; Week 4

EvilOverlady314 shambles into the common room. She stumbles a bit as she makes her way over to the Bulletin Board and posts a paper using the magically magnetic tacks. One of the tacks misses the paper and pins her sleeve to the board. Evil pulls feebly at it for a moment and then leans against the wall and falls asleep. Misha Collins comes over and scoops up Evil while unpinning her from the Board. She barely wakes and mumbles “are the new classes up yet?” Misha carries her off to her room, “Not tonight. You plot much better in the morning over coffee anyway, Mistress.”

I am amazed and exhausted. What an amazing bunch of crafters we have in the House Cup! The classrooms were packed in the last week of September – more than one professor was overheard casting an extension charm. Usually the average homework assignments completed each week per house is around 75; this week EACH house averaged around 260. I told you the Ravenclaws would figure out the jinx out of their tower, however, and they turned in the most homework (300). Nice job Claws.

Snakes had a lot of fun in Astronomy this week, and were least likely to be found in Divination and Muggle Studies. Most of the rest of the school favored Care of Magical Creatures this week, but as I said, every class was packed.

But wait! It’s month end and my brilliant plotting Snakes posted the most overall homework assignments for this month. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Also, remember to give lots of love and always give respect to our amazing teachers; they are overworked and underpaid. I want to put this in perspective for all of you: not including NQFYs,SOS and Detention posts, there were 1,954 homework projects this month. That's a lot of grading; my eyes are blurring from just counting them all.

There is no homework excuse for this week – get started and you may get a prize for turning in some homework in the first week of classes. Keep it up Slytherins and the Cup stays here.

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