Saturday, October 22, 2011

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 3

What an awesome week for the Noble House of Slytherin! We turned in the most homework by about 10. Yessssssss! We’re catching up to the Gryffs.

Snakes favored Care of Magical Creatures this week while the rest of the school was to be found in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ancient Runes was sparse this week, so give those Professors a bit of a break and try to post to that class early in the week so they’re not overwhelmed by the flood of homework that will be turned in. I seem to recall a conversation I had a few terms ago about zombies. Someone was convinced that we would let the zombies into Hogwarts, but never fear I came to our defense quickly. I stated of course we wouldn’t –the zombies would eat all the hotties. Duh. We have priorities. Thanks for helping me prove we are well prepared.

In other news: LAST WEEK TO TURN IN HOMEWORK! OK, it’s a little more than one week, but seriously, things are wrapping up fast. Post those pictures, especially in Potions, you don’t want to lose out on your chance at yarny goodness from our beloved Abycat.

Random rumor: both Frankenstein and candy corn were seen about the ship this week. The big green guy was so cute we let him serve drinks.

Ship’s Mess will be open late all this week and hotties will be on hand with extra quills to help with completing homework. Don’t forget to get your 50% OWLs in.

It’s a Super Snakey month! Let’s do this!

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