Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mix - your favourite projects

Hello snakes! It's my final Monday Mix of the term, and so instead of offering suggestions, this week I'm showcasing some of your favourite projects that you've done this term.

StitchingMagic had a lot of fun making her Oh CARP! project, and was proud of her Crocheted Shrug of Awesomeness.

Next term, she's looking forwards to being able to see and breathe, and good news, snakes! We've managed to convince her to spend another term in the pit where she belongs.

Gothknitty was most proud of this amazing blanket she made, and really enjoyed the incredible dyeing that she did this term.
Next term she's looking forwards to kicking back a bit and going for more of a zen option. She did every class and every extra curricular that she could this term, so maybe she can have a bit of a rest next time.

Joseybug really enjoyed making her Slyther-mitts test knit, which helped her colourwork improve immensely.

Next term, she's looking forwards to being NEWT-free and hopefully fitting in an OOP mission. She says, "I loved the NEWT, don’t get me wrong, but wow - much more stressful than an OWL."

Lambchop00 is proud of her gorgeous shipwreck OWL, and especially loved that there were several Shipwreckers Alonging together.

Next term, she is most excited about the Detention OWL. "I really hope I get to sit for it and think this is an exciting and very welcome addition to the OWL lineup."

Piperredfern couldn't decide between her Hobbes and her Garnet Tantric Puzzle Top.
She's anticipating learning new things next term and trying new things that she previously shied away from.

In true Slytherin style, ElizabethsMommy chose her creepiest project as her favourite from this term. Her hand of glory is certainly very arresting.
She's plotting another sweater for next term, after her heavily cabled first sweater from this term. She's also looking forwards to another term of being on the staff.

Peanutzmom's gorgeous beaded Caladan was her favourite this term, and it's easy to see why.
She'll also be trying to win one of those coveted detention OWL spots next term. "I have SO MANY WIPS that I need to get under control!! I think the Detention OWL was a brilliant idea!!"

LittlePenguin had fun with minisocks this term: "They were fast, adorable, and so much fun! They also don’t require a lot of commitment; something I look for."
She's looking forward to handing in dobby-style mini and full sized pairs of socks for classes next term.

And me? My favourite project that I completed was definitely my Ice Giant gloves.
And next term I'm looking forward to trying OWLing again. I'm thinking Care of Magical Creatures.

Many thanks to StitchingMagic, Gothknitty, Joseybug, Lambchop00, ElizabethsMommy, Piperredfern, Peanutzmom and LittlePenguin for helping with this post. If you have a favourite project from this term, why not let us know in the comments?

Enable one another.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, July 21-27

And the classrooms were dominated by Silver and green this week. Snakes turned in 114 homework assignments, those hard working Badgers had 98 and a partial, the Claws came in with 80 and the Lions had 58. They’re strategizing against us– I can hear them.

We’re still in the lead overall, but a peek at the last few days of class shows everyone neck and neck with just over 30 posts in the last 2 days with the Ravenclaws leading the pack. Adding in posts up until right now shows the Badgers with one more homework post than us in July. (Hufflepuff 270, Slytherin 269, Ravenclaw 210 and Gryffindor 190)

This is the exciting time! It’s still anyone’s game, so push hard Snakes and let’s take back the cup. Turn in your everything – even partials. It’s close, so if you can cast on right now to get in a partial for class #6 – do it.

I love the smell of yarn in the morning. Come on you Noble Crafty Slytherins. This cup is ours!

Now if you'll excuse me I have a date with a whomping willow...where is that knot?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snake Staff Saturdays: Kims

In the final Snake Staff interview of the term, we're talking to Kims, our Water Mocs Big Snake + Dungeon Games Staff. She's positively ancient as a B2 student, but no matter because awesome doesn't age.

What made you join Slytherin Staff?
To help out :)

What's your favorite project from last term?My favorite FO from last term is my Tiare shawl, which I made as part of my Transfig OWL.  Vox8 showed me the pattern (Slytherin enablement for the win!) and I used a really bright blue teal yarn, increased the yardage by almost double and added beads.  I wear it all the time :)

What's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the Dungeon?Oh boy, do I have to pick only one?  Probably getting my friends to join the House Cup (and Slytherin) with me.  Or talking people into their first wollmeise purchases.  No, it would have to be talking Cubejelly into handing in DADA last February, because that resulted in this epicly awesome project.

What is something new you've learned thanks to the House Cup - technique or otherwise- ?I think everything I've learned about crafting in the past two years has either been Cup-related: Illusion knitting, Colorwork, Tunisian crochet, Spinning, Dyeing, and even Blocking (although I am non-practicing, they *did* force me to try it finally for an OWL).

Trapped on an island with one skein of yarn, what would it be?
Well, first I would tie all of my skeins of Madelinetosh, wollmeise, softnshiny and nerd girl yarns together.  Then I would pick that skein :D

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Snakes?
"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone. In other words, go all out crazy train with your crafting, because even if you don't make it to a First Class Quest badge you'll still have crafted some amazing things.

Thank you, Kims!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

The votes for the final 4 have bee tallied...

The silver bar is for the first name listed and the green bar is for the second name listed. The numbers represent the percentage of votes.
The match-up between Captain Tightpants and the Potion Master had many Snakes on the fence, but it seems that "snakes hiss together" on this round.  Sexy Kilt Guy tried his darndest to stay in, but either he was showing too much skin or not enough to entice some votes.  Severus Snape and Johnny Depp will be moving on.

That means, the final round of the Slytherin Tournament of Hotties is upon us!

Severus Snape vs. Johnny Depp

SToH Bracket Breakdown

Choose wisely Snakes!  You decide who is the Hottest Hottie!! Follow your...heart!!!

Final Round voting ends Wednesday August 1st 23:59 POT

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Mix: Last Minute Suggestions

Okay, snakes, we have one week remaining to totally dominate the cup. I know we only have to do one class each month to retain sorting priority, but I have some last minute suggestions for those of you who haven't fit one in yet, and if you have managed to do a class, well, do another one! All of these patterns are free, and use very little yarn. Look through your scraps and match up some yarn with a project.

I love this little ladybug hat. It's crocheted in around 90 yards of worsted weight yarn and I think it looks sufficiently alien for Muggle Studies. Alternatively, use it to protect a toddler's precious head from the whomping willow in Herbology or while Flying.

(image source)

For knitters wanting to create little alien looking creatures, or wanting to distract a grindylow in Care of Magical Creatures, these bunny nuggets use 30-50 yards of whatever yarn you have lying around. Also, heaps of Slytherins have made them before, meaning that they fit for Flying, too!

(image source)

You could do worse, for Potions, than to make this Little Fair Isle Hat. It uses fingering weight yarn in several colours - I know I have oodles of scraps of the stuff. If you make it using your leftovers of luxury fibres - I have scraps of cashmere and silk, for example - it'd fit well in Charms, too.

(image source)

Or - fruit is a plant, and this pumpkin hat is just adorable. It would go perfectly in History of Magic, and since we're going to be heading into autumn soon we might as well get ahead of ourselves!

(image source)

I think that the moral of this monday mix is, when you're running out of time, make a baby hat.

Enable one another.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; July 14-20

Oi! A week and a half until term ends – turn in your stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snakes were last this week with only 39 homework posts. Badgers did an awesome job with 57, followed by the Gryffs with 50 and the Claws with 48.

Overall for the term I still have:
1. Slytherin 1250 posts
2. Hufflepuff 1163 posts
3. Gryffindor 1071 posts
4. Ravenclaw 1017 posts

No, that’s not a lot of wiggle room so finish up those homework assignments and post partials if you just have given up hope (somehow screaming “DRY FASTER” does not seem to affect blocking time).

Slytherins really enjoyed Muggle Studies this week, while the rest of the school was taking to the skies in Flying class.

Come on my lovely Snakes, let’s wow the Professors with an avalanche of homework to cool them down right before summer break. Go Slytherin, go!

Snake Staff Interviews: Joseybug and 3secondfish

This week we're interviewing a couple of sixth years, Joseybug and 3secondfish. Joseybug is the bartender in the Dungeon Bar & Grill, as well as being a big snake. 3secondfish is a monitor in Study Hall, helping us all slot in our projects where they'll be most appreciated.

What made you join Slytherin Staff?
 Joseybug: Love for my house.
3secondfish: I wanted to make sure that awesome Slytherin projects always have awesome stories to go with them.

What's your favorite project from last term?
3secondfish: I enjoyed my HoM OWL very much.  All the fiber I spun was shiny and had silk in it, and they were all among my favorite colors.  Did I mention the silk?
joseybug: Toss up - my OWL afghan or my Order Mission Citron or my Mapes

What's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the Dungeon?
3secondfish: This term, when I may or may not have incited a Shipwreck-along.
joseybug: Getting people excited about Quidditch!

What is something new you've learned thanks to the House Cup - technique or otherwise- ?
joseybug: Spinning & dyeing
3secondfish: I've learned that the lovely Snakes of Slytherin have a fine appreciation for wit, humor, and snark.

Trapped on an island with one skein of yarn, what would it be?
joseybug: Hardest question!!!!!!  I keep going back to HermioneJean's sock yarns - so one of those...
3secondfish: Very, very, very big.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Snakes?
3secondfish: Craft with the good stuff, whenever you can.  Life's too short for crappy fiber.
joseybug: If you can't figure it out - someone is always here to help/enable/guide you.

Thank you, 3secondfish and Joseybug!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Showcase, week twelve!

Good afternoon, snakes! Just a quick stop in the Dungeon today for me, as I've got another dungeon to attend to this evening (Le gasp! TH is stepping out on us with another dungeon?!) -- 'tis true, I have a new responsibility as the Master of a local Dungeon. Wish me luck tonight, for I hear it also may be full of Dragons. ;)

Enough blather! On to this week's projects.

Xaintes swaps a real gem of a hat in Charms.

Take a tumble in Flying class? Lyonette's got your butt covered with this engorgio-infused blanket square.

Stealthy friends seems to be a popular choice for dodging past the Whomping Willow. This little guy will help jesseknits out in Herbology.

Speaking of Herbology, Jackiez32 embraced a very verdant theme for her HoM washcloths. (Sorry about the crop! @_@)

Colours within colours! This is some NEWT-level brewing by knitreaver in Potions class.

Howlerbabe repeats a project to make another cuddly friend in DADA.

Gracegoose's zig-zagging cowl artfully shows off the cool colours of the Lake in CoMC.

And finally, somebody had to bring a hottie to the party. Alrischa spins a lovely skein inspired by a well-loved alien for Muggle Studies.

11 days until end of term, snakes! Give those yarn balls a roll and come up with some critical knits for me to showcase next week! ;D

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

The Elite 8 is done and here are the results.

The silver bar is for the first name listed and the green bar is for the second name listed. The numbers represent the percentage of votes.
The division hotties have been determined.  Nathan Fillion for TV, Severus Snape for HP, Johnny Depp for Movies, and Sexy Kilt Guy for Wildcard.

Now we pit TV against HP and Movies against Wildcard in the Final 4.  You decide who will go on to the Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!! Finals.

Nathan Fillion vs. Severus Snape
Johnny Depp vs. Sexy Kilt Guy (click for uncensored version).

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties Bracket Breakdown

Cast your votes now!  You have until 23:59 POT July 25th.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; July 7-13

Help, I’m trapped under piles of OWL and homework rolls of parchment; I’m sure you all feel the same this time of the term. The Badgers beat us out this week with 41 homework posts. We were right on their heels with 38 followed by the Claws with 30 and the Griffs with 28.

Everyone’s favorite class this week was Flying.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: My broom was whomped by the Willow, my OWL is stuck in a tree and my Quill is out of ink. Is it summer holidays yet?

We’re still ahead Snakes, so stay on your guard and keep the homework rolling in. Now is also the time to plan some victory parties with all our new friends as well; just a few weeks left.

Stay crafty Noble Slytherins!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Snake Staff Saturdays: Momofpeg and herprincess

Today in the interview chairs we have a couple of fifth years, momofpeg and herprincess! Momofpeg is on  the prize patrol, making sure that delicious goodies go out to so many of us every term, and herprincess is a middle snake. We're a benevolent lot, aren't we?

What made you join Slytherin Staff?
momofpeg: I really enjoyed my first term playing, so I wanted to help out in any way that I could
herprincess: a nudge from Dorathalia

What's your favorite project from last term? 
herprincess: dyeing
momofpeg: my OWL....a Radiance Shawl

What's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the Dungeon?
herprincess: helping my Sea Snakes

What is something new you've learned thanks to the House Cup - technique or otherwise- ?
momofpeg: lace....I would have never tried lace work without help
herprincess: lots of techniques...broomstick lace, for one

Trapped on an island with one skein of yarn, what would it be?
momofpeg: Nerd Girl Yoink-you dont get much better than alpaca, silk and cashmere
herprincess: worsted weight bamboo or fingering weight sugar cane

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Snakes? 
herprincess: Keep crafting!!!
momofpeg: dont be afraid to try new things/techniques. If you need help there is always someone there to help

Thank you, momofpeg and herprincess!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Showcase, week eleven!

Ai carumba, snakes. Somebody send me a hottie with a frond fan and a sangria, because I am positively baking in this summer sun. To combat the summer climes (or winter climes for our southern half housemates), chill out/curl up with these lovely projects from this week's turn-ins.

TheForestofDean is sure to get some giggles in HoM with these charming sock monkey hats.

God save the Queen('s tea)! PEby skillfully disguises an ordinary teapot with a clever charm learned in Muggle Studies.

FearlessLeader reanimates her Sugared Violets shawl in DADA. Lovely!

With a project showcase debut, Ephiphonora's fun striped socks! Just the thing to wear while lounging under the lake in the Common Room. Well done in CoMC!

And another Showcase debut by acemom! These wristwarmers will protect one from getting whomped in Herbology.

Inspired by the cozy madness on the Quidditch pitch, LambChop00 crafts a tea cozy of her own for Flying class!

Admire the harmonious swirl of colour in lillerina's cauldron -- surely an A+ in Potions class.

Using a precious bit of a one-time-only colourway skein, EvilOverlady314 brings out her inner snake in Charms.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

The Sweet 16 round is over!  Here are the results from the Bottoms Division.

The silver bar is for the first name listed and the green bar is for the second name listed. The numbers represent the percentage of votes.

There were no real standouts this round.  Despite Neville's earlier confidence, it just wasn't enough to beat the overwhelming favourite, Professor Snape.

That means the hotties moving on to the Elite 8 are; Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Blake Shelton, and Sexy Kilt Guy.

Ain't no rest for the wicked-ly hot!  So we move straight to the Elite 8.  This is the round where you decide who is the hottest out of each bracket!

Alexander Skarsgard vs. Nathan Fillion
Draco Malfoy vs. Severus Snape
Hugh Jackman vs. Johnny Depp
Blake Shelton vs. Sexy Kilt Guy (click for uncensored version)

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties Bracket Breakdown

Voting for the Elite 8 is open until 23:59 POT on July 18th.  Cast your votes now!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Happy WIP Wednesday Snakes! 

I hope this edition of WIP Wednesday & Snakes in Detention find you enjoying your crafting! 

We've had quite a few Snakes posting in Detention this week- 
and I'm excited to share some projects with you. :) 

 We've got projects from Alrischa, laurel10, texaninalaska, oshelle, howlerbabe, theforestofdean, jamiek & evilmichelle! 

If you wanna know who made what- check out the Detention thread!