Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday Mix

Deadlines Deadlines!

It's the end of the month again, and we are all wound up with winding up our plans. The Slytherin Society of the Arched Brow is busy with updates; hop on over here to start to start reading at Tangeldav's awesome post (First Class Quest plus Silver Serpent, and almost a week before the end of the month, too!) and if you're questing, don't forget to put in your own update some time today. (I think early tomorrow morning is also accepted.)

Quidditch is almost done, as the Yule Ball finishes October 30, not 31. The 31st is for planning big projects, because there is lots of time for Sport next month. I do, however, believe that we blitzed the ball this month...

Slytherin OWL 50%'s are at 32 as I write this, with a handful more waiting approval. Don't forget, there is not half the term left, only a third! Get cracking, Seashelly! :)

NEWTs: Congratulations to Eurekas, GirlyWithATwist and NeedlesNSwiffers and Bidibid, who earned a total 400 points in the last week by reaching 75% NEWT.

My favorites of the week.

Having trouble with pictures on my computer today, so I linked to the project pages.

ClanMac's simple but beautiful Citron (nice yardage, too!)

CatOPeace's long entrelac scarf 

ElizabethsMummy's first ever sweater (Lottie-sized)

Happy Crafting, Snakeys!

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