Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Very Special Episode of Detention

This month, any project turned into Detention and meant to be gifted to someone else earns the Severus Snape Badge, named in honor of our beloved former Head of House, for the gift of devotion he gave to Lily Evans Potter.

Yesterday, kims challenged Slytherin to turn in 69 Detention projects eligible for the Severus Snape Badge, and I promised to post every single one of them on the blog if we do.

This week, though, I'm only posting one.

While most students avoid the Detention Hall, slinking past with their WIPs tucked under their arms, hoping no one will notice they haven't quite finished them yet, GothKnitty set out this month to craft something special (and then turned in a completed WIP, too).

Intended to cheer up a friend "going into Hospital  to have a camera up her bum," and simultaneously thank her for her unfailing kindness and emotional support, this little pumpkin = Love.

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