Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend Report

Hi I'm still here and this is Weekend Report.
In our top story this week - the top.  Have you looked up lately?  Have you noticed the nice prim little banner that tells you where you are? 

Thousands of Slytherins everywhere have expressed the desire to see something more Slythertastic at the top of our topless blog.  In her infinite wisdom our HOH Girlywithatwist has opened the contest line for banner design.  You have until Tomorrow to submit your design to this thread.  To date Jonboy has owled in a spirited design and Bidibid has dropped a banner so Slytherin it makes my eyes bleed.  I suppose it is because I am partial to Bellatrix seeing as I too am an emotionally unstable lunatic who finds her sister kind of silly (Kidding Lissy I love you).

Weather:  A high pressure of Yule knitting will be dropping over the planet this weekend - hold on folks.

In other news 17 yes 17 Slytherins are now on staff with the House Cup.  That my friends is a wicked amount of power and influence.  Congratulations to all you new and returning slithery staff.  May your reign of terror tenure be long and adventurous.

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Sweet Mother Mary's dye vat of curdled kool-aid!

Up in the OWLery we've witnesses an explosion of planning, queuing, and KALs starting.  The sisterhood of the stripped tunic will be hosting a $5 in Paris KAL while the holy order of exiled cableists will be working on the Quadrat KAL.

Finally from the Subhuman interest desk a big thank you from me to you fair reader.  I don't know if I'll be on team blog next term, but if not I can say it's been a lot of fun and given me something great to do when bored at work.  Have a terrific holiday and see you in January.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Because I Can.....

So before they realize that I still have keys to the blog, I thought I'd compile the awesomeness that was Slytherin Completed OWLs from Fall 2010.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Banner Contest

Here ye! Here ye!
Let the blog banner contest begin!

You're mission should you decide to accept it is to create a new banner for the Slytherin Blog. Get creative. Put those thinking caps on and see what you can come up with.

Now for the knitty gritty of the contest.

8 December to 18 December 2010 @ 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time: Idea Submissions accepted.
19 December 2010: Ideas will be posted in a single post (depending on how many submissions we get) for all to vote on.
20 December to 30 December: Voting
31 December: Winner announced!!!

Submission ideas should be posted to the Blog Banner Contest thread in The Snake Pit.

The goal is to have a new blog banner for next term. And what about prizes? Glad you asked. For the winner, I will be sewing a small project bag that will include a set of Slytherin stitch markers. The winner will have a choice on size of stitch markers and between knit/crochet ones.