Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday Mix

Time for another look at the awesomeness of the Dungeons.

The awesomeness of Misselle in Herbology

The awesomeness of Hokieknitter in History of Magic

The awesomeness of KnitCookWine in Astronomy

The awesomeness of Urbanizer in Charms

The awesomeness of PlainSimpleGarak in Charms
The awesomeness of Miaparanoia in Astronomy

The Hotties have been so proud!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Feb 18-24

This has been an exciting Cup, folks! Things are super close. Even keeping track during the week – first the Lions were ahead, then we Snakes slithered on past, then it was the Badgers, then the Claws, Snakes grab it back, then the Badgers and after that – no, wait, it was still the Badgers. Good job Hufflepuffs; your hard work is noted.

Classes were all very full this week. Slytherins favored both Astronomy and History of Magic in a tie while the rest of the school definitely favored Astronomy.

This is it – get them in or go to Detention. You have until Wednesday – that means the halfway on your OWLs too. Turn in your partial credits!!! We’re actually ahead this week so far, so GO SLYTHERINS, GO!

Unacceptable homework excuse for the week: I thought in a Leap year we got 30 days in February.

Here’s the really big news: overall there’s around 10 assignments or less between houses so it’s anybody’s game. Tally ho and turn them in Noble Slytherins.

I’ll be counting on you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beyond Infinity

This week may be another first for the hottie contest. It was a close race for who would win the vote for "Favorite Winged Hottie," but the victory went to a computer animated hottie. Congratulations Buzz Lightyear! Come on down and pose for some beefcake shots!

He's such a ham for the camera, isn't he? And just delightful in person, I can tell you.

For this next week (the last in February, by the way, so get in your last-minute classes and 50% OWLs!), nominate your favorite zombie-fighting hotties! Post pictures (with names, of course) in the Bring Forth the Hotties thread in the Snake Pit.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday MIx

It's the Hogsmead Long Weekend! Monday is the last day, so duck into Zonko's, grab a mini mini skirt from Gladrags, and fill your pockets with chocolate frogs from Honeydukes! Here are a few examples of the FUN GOING ON IN TOWN

The Three Broomsticks is hosting many -alongs, including lessons on how to spin and dye.

Slytherins are too badass for gloves, right Slothmuffin?
But beware: there seems to be an infestation of bunny nuggets. Just... check your chicken nuggets carefully, ok?

Gladrags Wizardswear is having a sale! All clothes have been ....erm... Reducio'd!

Kims shows some Slytherin Style

Still quality merchandise, though. Their knitwear is awesome, and there are accessories.

I've also been checking out hexipuffs and Madame Puddifoot's, and getting some Darning Mojo from Dervish and Banges. There just isn't enough time!

I hope they have another Hogsmeade Weekend soon...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Feb 11-17

Happy Hogsmeade Weekend Students! Just remember if you’re going to prank someone, bring along a witness (sober is preferred) so you can brag with authenticity next week. Also, if you can't say "Sexy Slytherins slip silently into First place", just put the broom down.

Favorite class for snakes this week was Care of Magical Creatures. The rest of the school was obsessed with the heavens in Astronomy.

We did really well this week; the amount of homework posts was unbelievable. Yeah, I lie well to others. This week the Claws reigned supreme. We are now in last place. You’ve got 2 weeks left of February – make it good – Slytherin good.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: But that IS my parent’s signature on my permission slip. My Mother had a cold and sneezed while she was signing, so it doesn’t really look like how she normally signs things.

Enjoy your weekend off with friends, shop the sales, play the games and drink up your hangover cures and then turn in your homework!!! Come on, we can do this.

Go Slytherin!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Now that I have your attention ... this week's hottie contest was quite possibly a first in the Snake Pit -- the winner of the vote was an inanimate hottie, a chocolate statue! That's right, a gorgeous reproduction of Michelangelo's statue of David made entirely of chocolate. Feast your eyes on this confection:

This work of edible art can be viewed at the Chocolate Art Gallery of the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory near Melbourne, Australia. I also heard a rumor that there is a chocolate statue of another lovely David  (Beckham) in Tokyo, but he is wearing a lot more clothing.

For the next week's hottie contest, nominate your favorite hotties with wings. Angels, demons, anime characters, steampunk inventors -- if they're wearing wings, post a picture with the hottie's name in the Snake Pit hotties thread.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mix

Who shall I sit with in class this week? Hmmm. Let's see...

If I sit with Rockinsticks in astronomy, we can eat oranges while we stargaze... and giggle about Stiffening Solution...

CookKnitWine knows some girly pink Charms, though, which could be of great use to me... hmmm.

Miaparanoia could definitely help me improve my spinning in CoMC. What else are puffskeins good for, anyway ;)

Elizabeth'sMommy is in with those DADA centaurs, though. Orion's belt... hmmmm

Herbology whiz PlainSimpleGarak? No... that would be like sitting with Hermione! Too Good.  :)

In Muggle Studies, I'd sit with Knitreaver. She clearly knows all about the V-day, so she probably has some V-day chocolates on her...

EvilOverlady314 has her head around both potions and teens. 

And History of Magic is a subject made for Knitting Socks ;) so I'm sitting with Dabasque. 

Alrischa shakes her head, completely overwhelmed by the Awesome, and decides it might be a good week for Quidditch...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Feb 4-10

Hello Lovely Snakies, are we all having a lot of fun this term? I hope so because the Cheat sheet is looking grim! The Lions walloped us again this week (we did squeak by in second place, but after last week’s flu fiasco we’re way behind).

Favorite class for Slytherins this week was Potions – not a big surprise there; I’m thinking there is some extra tutoring going on with a handsome Potions master. Well, this is a month for love…potions. The rest of the school favored Care of Magical Creatures. Well, this is a month for love…

Unacceptable homework excuse for the week: Do I really need to turn in homework when I’m this cute? (Warning: this is what sparkly vampires think and this will get you slapped in the pit.)

Keep Calm and Knit on! (Substitute whatever HPKCHC approved craft you desire here, just post the pics)

Now’s the time to come from behind, get those OWLs in and keep the cup where it belongs! We can do this Slytherins, but it will take all of us. Let’s show the Griffs that Slytherin Pride is a force to be reckoned with.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone; make your Hotties work it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two Reds Are Better Than One

The redhead theme this week was a popular one, but I'm sure it was no shock to anyone that the winner of the Redheaded Hottie poll ended up being a dual winner - James and Oliver Phelps! Known for portraying Fred and George Weasley, these two actually had to dye their hair ginger for the movies, but we won't hold that against them. Just because we aren't born redheaded, doesn't mean we can't convert (says a Slytherin with auburn-out-of-the-box hair).

This next week is Valentine's Day, for those who celebrate it. This can be a tricky holiday, some folks love it, some folks hate it. For myself, it's been an extremely mixed bag over the years, so I tend to regard it warily.

One Valentine's tradition I always indulge in, though, is CHOCOLATE! To honor this chocolate-filled holiday (mm, chocolate filling), nominate your favorite hotties with chocolate in its many forms. Whether the hottie is eating the chocolate, drinking it, or saving it for us, there must be chocolate in the photo. Go forth and nominate!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hat Trick Update!

TrustCrazyIdeas here with a quick Hat Trick Update! 

As of my last count, there have been 53 House Cuppers posting hats in the Hat Trick Thread! 

Yes, you heard that right - 53 Snakes are attempting a hat trick! 

What is even more disagree is that we currently have 28 people who have already completed a hat trick!

Think it can't get any more crazy?  
You'd be wrong- as we already have one Snake who has completed an 
official Triple Hat Trick posting 9 hats! 

Yes- you read that right- 9 hats - in January alone! 

Who is this maniac of a Snake?  
Which Snake has made the Crazy in TrustCrazyIdeas seem sane?

None other than the one, the only -

Check out the awesome sauce she has been pouring! 

Congratulations PlainSimpleGarak for being the first Snake to be entered into the prize drawing!!!! 
(Now I should probably go pick out a prize!!!)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mix

Take off your Hat Trick hats, Snakes, so you can listen up for Earburns of Love and Bonus Points!

Not all projects will earn bonus points, and the point-system is shrouded in mystery. But if you put a lot of work into your classes last year, you may soon be getting a call. Those of you us who are controlling the stress via Spreadsheet just love this time of the month, where January's total can be tallied up!

So far, I have only seen Potions up, but the first Granger Brain award goes to Miaparanoia, who aced Potions with a bright, navajo plied, handdyed, handspun sportweight yarn :)

Miaparanoia's Potions spin, earning her a total 39 points

She was the pointsiest Slytherin there, and only one other person in the whole school topped it :)

Now, we have a mere 3 weeks left in the month (plus that helpful bonus day) so put your feet up, put your hot chocolate down, and finish all those things that you cast on last week! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Feb 1-3

Aaa..aaaa. ..aaa-CHOOO!!!!

Obviously the entire Slytherin house is sick because the only 3 brave Snakes who turned in homework the first few days of this month were CraftyGryphon, KnitInferno and EskimoPam all for Muggle Studies. Super awesome job to you three!!!!!!

The rest of us had better get our ambitions in gear because here’s the down and dirty scoop: we’re losing. Not just this week – the whole thing. This week the Badgers were on top of their game, but overall we’re now quite a bit behind the Griffs-and we’re losing ground. Potions is for shrinking this month – made for a knit-a-long and this class is not to be skipped. Also, don’t miss out on Option 3 for Care of Magical Creatures – using scraps.

We’ve all got to pull together this month – everyone should try to turn in one more project than last month. It’s not really that we’re doing badly – actually we’re putting out more effort than last term; the problem is that all the other houses are just doing a lot more.

We can still do this! Go Snakes go!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is there sand on your hottie?

I love weeks like this. Weeks when I can post not one, but TWO hotties on the blog. Why, you ask? Because there were two winners of the poll. That's right -- A TIE!!

The two sand-speckled winners were none other than Lostie Josh Holloway and sexy-even-with-his-shirt-on Hugh Jackman!

Let's settle back into the Inn after our invigorating trip to the beach, and nominate hotties for next week's contest. For the coming week, post pictures of your favorite Redheaded Hotties! It's Ginger Week in the Snake Pit!