Sunday, October 16, 2011

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 2

Well Snakes, the points for last month are out and we are currently second, but only behind the Griffs by 861 points. We did turn in more homework than them, but bonus points, Quidditch and detention seems to have fallen in their favor. Don’t panic, however, just adjust your Evil deceptive cheating brilliant homework plans accordingly. Note to self: get a new Quick –Quotes Quill this one’s too accurate glitchy.

This week Lions are still ahead on homework, but we’re not too far behind. I’m sure you Slytherins are all working on larger assignments for better extra credit points and there will be a flurry (again) of homework posts soon.

Snakes were packed into the potions class (not surprising after Abycat gave us all great incentive). Charms class was lacking in brilliant Slytherin students this week. The rest of the school is still favoring Defense Against the Dark Arts with the most empty desks in Ancient Runes. Take a peek, Hogwarts, Ancient Runes this month is fun and useful.

Unacceptable homework excuse of the week: I was stuck in a conga-line with a giant dancing banana.

Stay crafty snakes, there are three more weeks of the month, so crank out your OWLs and NEWTs and kick some butt in Quidditch. For those of you doing BROOMS, I understand you’re just being stealthy.

Keep up the great work Snakes!

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