Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Detention Round-Up: Socks!

I apologize for the delay this week. I was on my way down to the Detention classroom, and I... well... Oh, this is embarrassing. I tripped over my own feet, and tumbled all the way down the stairs. Lucky for me that my project bag cushioned my fall! The worst part was that Professor Snape saw me do it. He did help me up, but I could tell that he was *not* impressed. He suggested I try an anti-fumblefoot charm, but since he didn't tell me how to cast one, I've been experimenting on my own. I think Misselle and LambChop00 might be able to help me.


LambChop00's worked a stairway charm she calls Slippery Slope. I'm sure she meant "Not-So-Slippery Slope," because I've never seen her roll down the stairs.

And Misselle's Small Wings should carry whoever wears them safely over any obstacle. Even her own left foot.

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