Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time for Some New Moves

This has been a busy week in the Quidditch World. Task #2 just concluded with a mad dash of cuppers trying to get their tasks in at the last minute. My very unofficial count (because I have had no coffee and numbers hate me) are as followed:

Hufflepuff: 64
Ravenclaw: 53
Slytherin: 50
Gryffindor: 42

We did not end up on top, but it was a very close race. Good job to all those who participated!

Now we move forward to the Yule Ball Event #2:Dance Steps. Looks like this is going to be a lot of fun. You can complete 2 different dances for points this time around. Info on the different dances can be found here.
For added motivation I will be doing a prize drawing for those Snakes who have learned 2 dances for this event. The prize will be a Ravelry pattern of the winners choice up to $5. The drawing will take place after the end of the Yule Ball Event on Oct 30th. I will be announcing the winner on Oct. 31st! So please don't forget to tag your projects with YBSlyQF11 to be eligible.

The numbers for the cuppers who have already mastered some of the dancers are:

Hufflepuff: 9 dances
Gryffindor: 5 dances
Slytherin: 4 dances
Ravenclaw: 1 dance
NQFY/SOS: 1 dance

The first dance conquered by one of our lovely snakes (didao) was The Chudley Cannanball! Didao made the dance look effortless!

Now go grab your favorite Hottie and learn some new dance moves! Remember to have fun!

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