Monday, November 29, 2010

In preparation for the November 26th Seeker Challenge a thread was started asking our common room mates to comment on what it means to be in Slytherin.  Extraordinary seekers Linuxchic and Rockinsticks compiled these comments into the following theatrical production which was presented on the pitch this weekend.  We now present a command performance for Her Head of Houseness Girlywithatwist.

Desperately Seeking Slytherin: A Dungeon Party in Two Acts
Act I
The curtain rises on a luxuriously appointed common room.  There are rich tapestries on the walls a bar up stage and lush carpets.  Topless and scantily clad hotties roam the room serving drinks to a group of outstandingly good looking men and women lounging on the green leather sofas and bar stools working with yarn.  On the mantle there is a large bell jar with a brain sitting on a pedestal under it.

SUENOSDEJMI enters through a stone archway stage left walks to the center of the common room.  All action stops as everyone looks at her.

SUENOSDEJMI:  Guys, I’ve had an absolutely horrid day. (She takes a drink offered by a hottie. To hottie) Thanks.

AERIEIRIS:  I made some cheesecake, chocolate chip muffins and super chocolate brownies…and there is an entire bread and cheese plate if you are not in the mood for sweets.   Oh and a pitcher of sangria too.

SUENOSDEJMI:  Can I say that the best thing about being in Slytherin , aside from the eternal fame and glory is the fact that not only does everyone here offer sympathy when I’ve had a sucky day, but you all engage in a discussion of the best way to dispose of the body.  Slytherin gives me the snark and sarcasm that is as crucial to my existence as oxygen.

SEAKAME: Embracing the crazy and the snark and sticking together through thick and thin.  That’s what it is all about.

BIDBID looks up from an over sized martini glass in which she is dying a large pile of fingering weight yarn.

BIDBID:  Yes.  There is no better place to get sympathy and support and throw rocks at real life problems and  (she lifts the yarn out of the glass and smirks at the color) crafting disasters.

HOLYCUTENESS: (adjusts her boots and ambles over to BIDBID)Disasters?  No, no, no.  Our scheming can add a fun element to what might have been a not so exciting project.

BIDBID:  True, I always get great storytelling inspiration from the collective Slytherbrain. (She raises her cocktail in the direction of the brain in the jar on the mantle) To Slytherbrain!

GROUP: (raising glasses to the mantle) To Slytherbrain!
Stage lights black out.

Please enjoy cocktails in our lobby served by the common room hottie brigade.

Act II
Stage lights come up.  The group is still knitting.  Lighting is focused on the bar where JOSEYBUG is pouring lime green slush out of a blender.

JOSEYBUG (to ROCKINSTICKS):  Mean margarita?


Suddenly the TARDIS materializes stage left.  The door opens and LINUXCHIC steps out with a happy grin on her face and sighs.  The TARDIS disappears as she takes a seat at the bar.

LINUXCHIC:  Isn’t it ridiculously awesome to be Slytherin?  You get to be so ambitious and driven to succeed.

ROCKINSTICKS: (sarcastically)And hang out with hot timelords.

LINUXCHIC: (grinning) I was simply representing our house and my housemates with honor throughout the universe.

GIRLYWITHATWIST: (breaking lip contact with the race car driver) I’d say you’re a genius, but I’m in the room. (to race car driver)Let me show you our legendary “drive” to succeed.

GIRLYWITHATWIST grabs the race car driver’s arm and pulls him off stage left as ROCKINSTICKS stands.

ROCKINSTICKS:  I gotta run.  I promised Severus I’d …ahem… demonstrate my mastery of  Slytherin intensity of focus and quiet cunning. (She exits through the stone archway).

BIDBID settles in the vacant bar stool and turns to LINUXCHIC who is working on a beautiful lace something.

BIDBID:  ooooo alpaca.  What are you working on?

LINUXCHIC: Epic  Shawl

BIDBID:  No one admires a shapely shawl, or hat, or….(she follows a passing hottie with her eyes)torso like we do.   

Girlywithatwist told me when I was sorted here that in Slytherin we don’t settle for good we want to be epic so I think your shawl will be perfect.

FOSTERSON: (sliding up to the bar)Did someone say “epic”?  Do you know who else was epic, Tom Riddle.  I mean even when the odd Slytherin goes bad they go bad epically.

3SECONDFISH:  True and when we go good we have style and make the difficult look easy.  If they do lace, we do Estonian Lace.  If they spin Merino, we spin Alpaca.  They spin alpaca we spin silk – in lace weight .

KNITSQUID: (Jumping up, running across the common room and yells)Go big or go home!  This is the place where my ambition is matched and one upped and encouraged.

FOSTERSON:  Yeah, but don’t try and show me up in class because I will knock your socks off. (grins).

EVILOVERLADY:  Never give up; never surrender .  We refuse to fail!

GIRLYWITHATWIST: (walking back in followed by a devoted race car driver)  Group Toast!  (Everyone gathers in the center of the room and raises their drinks) To Slytherin.  To using all resources available, cunning and intelligence.

DAMIKNITTER: To setting your goals as wildly as you can and having great fun amongst your housemates.

CRAFTYGRYPHON:  To knowing that brilliance, harnessed and directed, can make things better than we ever

JJKAWANO:  To expanding your knowledge and ability to knit and crochet.

PETITMAINS:  To working hard like a Hufflepuff to achieve your goals, being brave like a Gryffindor standing up to critics, wise like a Ravenclaw and using all these traits in a cunning way.  Oh and to Hotties.
GROUP:  To Hotties!

KIKIBOWNS:  To being cunning in your craft, and crafty in your cunning.  To smiling fiendishly and living life fully.  To being thick as thieves and never saying “die”.

ANQUINEA:  To creative problem solving  (at this moment ROCKINSTICKS stumbles back in and trips over a yarn basket.  There are cautious giggles) Ahem, To clever minds used to get laughs because Slytherins love an audience.

VOX8:  To winning without apologizing.

ELFLIBERATOR:  To being flexible like a snake and able to weather any storm continuing to grow when the clouds clear.

DONKEYEGGS:  To laughing and crying together – sticking together when times get tough.  To being around people who don’t think in a straight line.

AERIEIRIS:  To stretching your abilities and knit thigh highs!

SEA-JELLY:  To being who you are without expectations that you will be someone else.

BIDBID:  To being carried away by schemes for new activities and points getting plots.  To being friendly, funny and mad.

ROCKINSTICKS:  To fierceness – commit to nothing lightly.

LINUXCHIC:  To greatness with dignity and panache.

The group downs their drinks as the lights dramatically go down.

Thank you to the quidditch staff for their generous support of this program and to viewer’s like you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Snake Stalking

With the end of the month and the American Thanksgiving approaching the Dungeon Bulletin Board is proud to present this special epicurean feature.

Roast Your OWL (serves 1)

1 large basket of yarn
1 set of needles as desired for spice
Bottle of beverage of choice
Pattern optional

1.  Pre-heat lounge chair to desired softness.
2.  While your chair is pre-heating set adjacent table with beverages including straw to allow for hands free sippage.
3.  Place entire first season DVD of your favorite television show in the muggle machinery.
4.  Dispatch family and friends.
5.  Sit in pre-heated chair, take up needles or hook, add yarn and vigorously loop or chain as until thickened.

Toasted Headmistress Challenge (serves 1)

1 list of obscure holidays
2 -3 piles of sparkly stuff in appropriate colors
1 pattern for something you actually want to make.

1.  Select an area you want to decorate if only for a photo shoot.
2.  Drink enough to make you believe you have a flair for decorating.
3.  Grin crookedly and toss sparkly stuff all around the area until evenly coated.
4.  Find a prominent place in the vignette for your crafted item.
5.  Take a photo
6.  Post photo to the Snake Pit and ask the lovely and creative snakes there to come up with some type of outlandishly creative story explaining why your mittens are actually a decoration for "International False Confession Day".

Okay, so this post was a bit of a reach.  I forgot to coordinate the Snake Stalking feature so there you go.  Rockinsticks out.

Monday, November 15, 2010

We are almost there...

There is one race left in the season and half a month to go for this term. Honestly I don't know where the term has gone. It just seems like yesterday when this term started. And now there is the mad scramble to complete the OWLs and get a class in for this month. Remember, you must turn in at least one class.

Yes, I have seen the unofficial points tally. Don't let them get you down. Just shake it off and we can get through this last month. I am very proud of each and every one of you. So chin up. Plans are already being made for next term. And trust me, it will be fabulous.

Also, I would like to announce that there will be a contest for the new blog banner. So put your creative hats on. The actual voting will take place sometime in December. So when you have some spare time...give it some thought. I am still working on the timeline for this so nobody panic.

Until next time...slyther on snakes.

Slytherin HoH & Keeper of the Race Car Driver

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Report

Weekend Report

In our top story projects are beginning to roll in from the dungeon.  In the midst of OWL fever Slytherins continue to produce excellent projects for all the classes for November.  

In Charms Deadalchemist turned in this lovely collar to commemorate the fashion stylings of Ms. Bellatrix Lestrange.

The dyers are dominating DADA with Bidbid and Vox8 offering the following yarns from their vats.

Voluptousness from Vox8
Beauty from Bidbid
The Himalayas are singing with this offering for the Yeti from Bidbid in Care of Magical Creatures. 

In Transfiguration Joseybug presented this lovely little Slytherin sweater.  Now if she could just produce a travel size hottie to go with it I'd be an even bigger fan.

And in Potions Cdavis made us all go "ooohhhh" at this cute baby bonnet.

Weather:  Continuing stockinette throughout most of the weekend.

Up in the OWLery the examiners have been stunned by the following delightful finals.

Hermionejean's lovely bag.
Peanutzmom's astounding collection of hats.

A dizzying number of house scarfs from Cubejelly

Forgivable Curse of the week:  Holy mother of acrylic alpaca!

As a special feature this week I've decided to outline some potential "inspiration" for classwork based on the class prompts.   Remember an age line has been cast around the bar and you will find hair in unwaxable places if you are under 21.

So without further ado....

Memory Loss
2 oz peach vodka
2 oz
Jamaican dark rum
2 oz
2 oz
apple juice
1 slice

Pour the rum and the vodka over ice into the glass, and then add the rum. Then pour in the apple juice and squeeze the lemon on the top. Do not stir.

Fire Dragon

Pour the rum over the ice in the glass. Add mango juice to nearly fill the glass. Slowly pour the Grenadine in so it settles at the bottom.

Care of Magical Creatures:
Frozen Yeti

Mix ingredients in a blender

History of Magic:
Green Goblin
1/2 pint hard cider
1/2 pint
1 shot
Blue Curacao liqueur

Surprise Me

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice cubes. shake, pour into highball glass, serve. Ice can be added to the highball glass to serve it on the rocks.

Head Shrinker

Shake ingredients with ice, strain into a highball glass.

Liquid Sunshine

Shake light rum, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Drop a maraschino cherry into the bottom of an old-fashioned glass and add contents of the cocktail shaker. Fill remainder of glass with ice and top with ginger ale. Garnish with orange twist.

Sister Starseeker
2 oz. Light Rum
1 oz. Lemon Juice
1 tsp. Grenadine
4 oz. Tonic Water
1 Lemon Wedge

Pour the rum, lemon juice, grenadine, and tonic water into a highball galss almost filled with ice cubes.  Stir well and garnish with the lemon wedge.

This is Rockinsticks signing off as I believe I am being stalked by my OWL.



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Snake Blog Roll!

Hello, fellow Snakes, this is Reporter CraftyGryphon checking in! As you may know, a lot of Snakes have active craftblogs out there. For your edification, amusement and perusal, I've compiled a list of people with Current Blogs (i.e., posted since August 1 or thereabouts) who've said "OK!" to me linking them here. Go check them out; I've looked at them all as I put this list together, and you'll see/learn a lot of great things! So, in no particular order, here is the Snake Blog Roll:
Booknutty - knitpurldrop - A blog about knitting, traveling, being a rock star, and showing Martha Stewart how it's really done.

misselle - Miss Elle's Knitwear - A journey of knitting, spinning, frustration, and socks. Lots of socks.

Lunathecat - Orphic Knits - Handmade gifts for gamers and geeks

needlediva - Trouble Dog Design

BadAmy - Bad Amy Knits - Foul temptress. Yarn Hoarder. General funktress of mayhem.

linuxchic - Nerd Girl Yarns - Free patterns & blog

Cayden - Men can knit too - A blog about the life of a craft loving man.

rjc146 - The Knitted Sister - A knitting blog about my adventures with knitting, designing my own projects, dying my own yarn, and perhaps learning to spin. In other words, everything yarn!

Knitknot - String and a couple sticks - Wild and crazy Adventures in Knitting.

DanniBeez - The Inner-Musings of a Knerdy Knitter - Knitting + Stories + Boys + Music + Random Shit = Lexi's Blog

RockyMoreno - Rockinknit

Caitirin - Sister Nail Gun of Enlightened Compassion (Calm but Rageful) - The kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance

kims - Dark Rhubarb - A Knitting blog

soprano1 - Knit The Raveled Sleeve of Care - ramblings about knitting and living

irishlacenet -

3secondfish - The Stars are God's Daisy Chain . . .

Strigidae - Knit Wise Owl

DaneMum - Danemum - Danish Knitting and Stuff

HolyCuteness - Spin.Knit.Kids.School.Repeat - Mommy. Student. Taxi. Maid. Chef. Reader. Researcher. Historian. Veteran. Graduate. Knitter. Spinner. Photographer.

suenosdejmi - Dreamy Jamie Knits, Crochets, and Lives... - This blog is about my crafting adventures, my real life and online adventures, and all the other stuff too. Enjoy!

CraftyGryphon - CraftyGryphon Knits

hermionejean - Hermione Jean Creations

theherocomplex - The Hero Complex

gnomenapper - Have you kidnapped a gnome today? - Ramblings of a Handspun Dyer

biteyfish - knittergeek - just your average geeky gal, armed with pointy sticks and yarn

trustcrazyideas - trust your crazy ideas... - knitting with a smile on.

BrittanyLaine - ...and one for the little girl who lives down the laine

cubejelly - Crafty Kati - Adventures in Eating, Drinking, and Being Crafty

GirlyWithATwist - Girly With a Twist - Where combat boots and hand-knits go hand in hand...

volkat - bumblekat - still thinking...

YarnandCookies - Mandrake and Valerian - Where creativity and insanity walk hand in hand...

canadiadry - Waiting For My Real Life To Begin

georginaelizabeth - bamboo needles & ink stains

vox8 - Tumped Duck

crazyredheadchick - Yarn is Like Oxygen - Patterns and Prattle from Ambure White of Semloue Manor Designs

fluttervale - Seriously? Fluttervale

Addreamy - Picking Up Stitches - The Stag and Lily's creative blog!
Have fun reading!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Report

I'm Rockinsticks and this is.......Weekend Report (yikes just typed Weedend Report)

In our top story this week - November.  Not just  time for new classes but a sign of the beginning of the famstravaganza that makes up many of our holiday seasons.  The Slytherin Pride Theme this month lets you expose your bloodline to the rest of the house cup. 

In special celebration our own Cattiekins will be taking the first step toward becoming an ancestor this month.  We all wish her luck with the delivery of babykins and look forward to photos of the new Slytherbaby.

Weather:  In the five day forecast we see a clearing of the planning storm and small clusters of procrastination on the jet stream.

Speaking of planning,  classes have hit the main cup with a fury.   The following advisory focuses on the small projects because if your OWL is in as much trouble as my OWL classwork needs to be small and quick this month.

I am unclear as to who is going to have to put the socks on the Yeti (sounds like a Filch detention to me), but if you are feeling the desire to whip up some socks for Care of Magical Creatures perhaps these ankle socks would do.  They are short, quick and the motif reminds me of the endless knot which is one of the 8 auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism.  If you are really pressed for time Cattiekins reminded us that mini-socks make excellent gift tags.

Up in the Astronomy Tower we've been asked to interpret the night sky.  These star wrist warmers are lovely.  Maybe sew up the bottom and call it a lovely little evening purse.  If you are looking to do some designing for this one, did you know there is a constellation called "Draco" .  Could there be a better opportunity for a Slytherin project?

History of Magic is....hey wake up.  As I was saying Goblin Wars!  What would goblins wear into battle?  Perhaps a helmet, or chain mail ?  Excellent.  If you are leaning toward commemorating their craft how about this lovely lace scarf in metallic yarn or these cabled gauntlets

Transfiguration is all about... ahem.... shrinkage this month.  How about some felted slippers or these felted fortune cookies would make fabulous gift tags.   The ubiquitous knit or crochet mini sweaters act as great gift card holders.  Or whip up six beer sweaters and mail a six pack of your local brew to Rockinsticks.

Sorry folks, I've been reminded that I will not use my blog posts for personal gain.  Please disregard the last part.

Herbology is custom made for your gift giving preparations.  In thinking about this it might be a perfect time to splurge on a skein of luxury yarn and search out a one skein wonder gift.  The recipient of this cashmere neck warmer would love you forever.

Fyre! Fyre!  What would protect you from Feindfyre?  What shape would it take in your world?  If you've been just looking for an excuse to knit up the dumb as a snake mitts - this might be your chance.  Maybe in a flame red variegated yarn?  Of course the best protection from fire.....RUN!

Potions, why must I always be stumped by potions?  Maybe because Potions makes me think of Snape which makes me think of ...... Oh, right, sunshine and peppermints.  So I'm going to make a stretch here and make an Altoids box cover seeing as peppermint is added to the elixir to keep people like me from causing hearing damage to those around us.  Any suggestions anyone?

Maigret's Poppy

And finally Charms gives you the perfect chance to get your Slytherin Pride Ancestry project in.  Or you could whip up a lovely lapel poppy for Remembrance day as did the lovely Maigret or maybe spend veteran's day working up a helmet liner for your troops.

In other local news the Headmistress Challenge is up.   This term she will be peaking into our muggle abodes, vehicles, desks, etc to examine our holiday decorations.  I am a notoriously poor holiday decorator so our lovely in the field reporter JuliaV927 has compiled this report of holidays and the pattens that love them:

Nov. 4th = National Candy Day (U.S.) yes, this is real!
Nov. 5th = Guy Fawkes Day aka bonfire night! (primarily Great Britain)
Nov. 11th = Remembrance Day (Canada) and Veterans Day (U.S.)
project ideas:
Nov. 25th= Thanksgiving (U.S)
December is loaded folks.....

St. Nicholas Day = Dec. 6th (Dutch and German)
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe = Dec. 12th (Mexico)
Hanukkah = Dec. 1st-9th (Jewish)
St. Lucia Day = Dec. 13th (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
Las Posadas = Dec. 16th-24th (Spanish)
Yule = Dec. 20th-22nd
Winter Solstice = Dec. 21st
Soyaluna = Dec. 22nd (Hopi)
DongZhi = Dec. 21st-23rd (Chinese)
Christmas = Dec.25th
Kwanzaa = Dec. 26th-Jan 1st
Boxing Day = Dec. 26th (Australia, Canada, England, Ireland)
Omisoka = Dec. 31st (Japan)
New Year
Possible patterns: mini-Christmas stockings, advent calendars and advent trees, mini holiday stockings, mini sweater ornaments, diminutive sweaters, Yule ornament (crochet), Sally V. George Snowflakes (crochet), poinsetta candle holder and candle (crochet), ornamentt cozy, ornament that rocks!, Christmas pickle, ice skates (crochet), ornamental bells, dreidel (crochet), garland of pinwheels (crochet), popcorn garland (crochet), leaf garland (crochet)

Thank you JuliaV927.  Hmmmm National Candy Day.

Forgivable Curse of the week:  "Craptacular" as in "My grades in physics were outstandingly craptacular ."

In sports you only have until the 16th to finish up your red carpet look for the premiere of Deathly Hallows.

As always we close the show with a report from the Sub-human Interest Desk.  This has been a long post full of links, but it reminds me why I love the House Cup so much.  The inspiration to seek out patterns I wouldn't have tried, design new things, try new crafts and write outlandish stories has me amazed month after month.  The comradory is overwhelming too.   My husband refers to you all as my imaginary friends, but you are all so real to me and so talented.  I love looking through the class pages and seeing what you have all come up with and ....(a giant hook grabs Rockinsticks around the neck, pulls her off stage and a mysterious wizard forces some anti-emotional sap potion between her lips.  She straightens up and walks back to the desk.)

Where was I, hmmm oh who the hell cares.  This is Rockinsticks signing off. Slyther on, laugh a lot and don't let the holidays freak you out.