Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm posting a Dungeon update. I am on a horse.

Yes, this is me, posting an update!

I will now pause while you all pick yourselves up off the floor from shock.

Okay, everyone up, ready to go?

Soooo sorry I haven't been around here in a bit. I've been marking posts in the Dungeon especially for this moment. Here they are, nice and out of order, dating back as far as the Ravelympics. :) If you don't want to click all of this, scroll down below the list for the short of it.

The Short of It:

There were birthdays. We had lots of cake. We did really awesome in Ravelympics. There were lots of hotties, some Ravenclaws, and we're just as cool as always. :)

Until next time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Class Ideas

I've actually managed to be on top of things this month!  

P.S. Don't forget to check out the post below this one, about tagging and finishing up Ravelympics projects.

Charms: Banishing Charm
Banish a WIP or some old stash
IF and ONLY if you have no WIPs or old stash, make something in honor of Prof. Flitwick.
Straightforward, and much appreciated!  I only managed to finish one of my WIPs for Ravelympics Quidditch, so I for one will be attempting to finish some long-suffering projects.  If you're one of the lucky few with no works in progress, or without any old stash you've been "meaning" to make something out of for years, you get to be a bit creative and work up something for Flitwick, to commemorate Neville banishing the poor professor around the classroom.  Links to the Harry Potter Wiki have been flying around today, so I'll point you there first.  Interestingly, Flitwick is part goblin, so that could lead to interesting Gringotts-related projects...  The sword of Gryffindor was also goblin-created, so perhaps a sheath?  Okay, I've gotten pretty far off on a tangent here... 
Flitwick frequently falls off his stack of books when excited.  Maybe he needs something with some traction?
He was also particularly fond of Fred and George's swamp at the end of Book 5 (which happens to be my favorite passage in the entire series). I also think of feathers when I think of Prof. Flitwick. Swish and flick! Something with a feather and fan pattern?

History of Magic: 1st Wizarding War
Make something to honor a member of the FIRST Order of the Phoenix:
Sirius Black
Edgar Bones
Caradoc Dearborn
Dedalus Diggle
Elphias Doge
Aberforth Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore
Benjy Fenwick
Arabella Figg
Mundungus Fletcher
Rubeus Hagrid
Alice Longbottom
Frank Longbottom
Remus Lupin
Minerva McGonagall
Marlene McKinnon
Dorcas Meadowes
Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody
Peter Pettigrew
Sturgis Podmore
James Potter
Lily Potter
Fabian Prewett
Gideon Prewett
Severus Snape
Emmeline Vance

The sky's the limit!  The aforementioned Harry Potter Wiki may be of use.

Transfig: Evanesco, Vanishing
Vanish seams! Either use kitchener, or convert a seamed pattern to a seamless pattern.
Been meaning to knit some top-down socks?  How about a little dice bag?  Maybe a lace scarf knit in two identical pieces and seamed together in the middle?
I don't know the first thing about sweater construction, so I won't offer advice on how to convert seamed patterns into seamless ones. 
But I (Kiki) can point you in the right direction. Jared Flood had a series of articles in Vogue Knitting describing the process. It is really easier than it sounds!

Potions: Hellebore
Craft something to protect you from evil.
I'm sure by now you all know my cat is evil.  She likes to chew on my toes (no, really. when she's bored, she creeps up under my computer desk and bites my feet).  Maybe some thick wool socks could help protect me?  
What kinds of evil are you exposed to regularly?  Snow, wind, exhaustion, hunger?  Scratched up dining room floors?  What kinds of evil are you exposed to on a less frequent basis?  In-laws, long falls, burns?  I'm sporting a severe burn on my arm at the moment and am really wishing I owned some nice thick oven mitts...
Hmm, maybe I should just fully encase my body in thick wool.

DADA: Lockhart and memory
Make something that commemorates a favorite moment or something you'd like to forget.
This is so wonderfully open-ended!  What are your favorite memories?  What kinds of things do they involve?  Trips to Disneyland or foreign countries, life-changing decisions you've made, emotionally intimate moments with a significant other (you know the ones I mean--like when you feel as if your souls are connected and everything is right in the world)?
What would you like to forget?  That one time you did that one thing (or something worse) and hoped no one found out?  How much you drank that one night?

CoMC: Acromantula webs
Make something representative of a web, including lace or silk.
Mmmm, silk.  I feel like this one is pretty obvious, and our lovely professor has already specified your project needs to follow the 50% rule, so you don't need to use pure silk.  That said, silk hats and gloves are sooo yummy.  Go to town and make yourself something luscious and indulgent.
And remember, lace projects don't have to be huge!  You can do something simple and beautiful in a month, easily.  Or, if you went to Stitches and bought some of feministy's yarn, you can pair it with one of her patterns. :-)

Ravelympics Quidditch Announcement

zanahoria12 would like to make sure everyone knows the following:

1. Make sure all your projects are listed as "Finished" ("frogged" is acceptable for Aerial Unwind projects).

2. Make sure you leave a note for Z12 in the Quidditch pitch letting her know about your Dyeing and Spinning projects (as they generate stash pages and won't come up in the project searches).

3. Make sure everything is tagged with "Ravelympics2010" and "teamslytherinquidditch".

4. If you have questions, ask!