Sunday, October 9, 2011

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Week 1

Alas, the first week of October is done already and we have once again come in second for homework turn-in posts. I am not fretting, for I know you crafty snakes are working hard and squirreling away your projects (tis the season to squirrel, after all) and will blow me away the week of Halloween. We’re only about 10 projects behind the Griffs (those Lions are workin’ it this term!), so someone get a KAL going.

Also, our amazing Abycat has generously offered up a chance to win yarny goodness for every Slytherin who submits potions homework this month, so re-arrange your plotting accordingly. I challenge you all to post potions and expect to see 160 posts from the Noble House of Slytherin; spread the word and check up on your nest mates.

Snakes did favor Potions this week and were suspiciously absent from Charms class. Most of the rest of school was participating in Defense against the Dark Arts with the most empty seats to be found in Transfiguration. Once again the Ravenclaws are scare to be found around the campus and one wonders if there is a sickness that has been passed amongst them. Perhaps we should organize a study group with them, as many of us consider ourselves part Claw?

I heard a rumor that our Whipmistress is missing, perhaps a plot is afoot? Stay on your guard snakes and remember: no candy until your homework is done!

This is Evil signing off because I actually have finished homework that I forgot to turn in. My nest is going to start taking away my hotties if I don’t keep up my grades. Yikes.

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