Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monday Mix

According to the Calendar...

there are 8 days left of the month. That's just enough time to finish off your half-OWLs, your Potions homework, and a couple of dances in Quidditch. Grab your coffee and your yarn, and head out to the Cruise Ship Deck. The sun is shining, and there's always a nice hottie available for sunscreening (so you don't get your needles and hooks greasy...)


We are holding the lead in OWL 50%'s at the moment, but it's a close race. How many approved OWLs are there so far?
Slytherin 21

Ravenclaw 20
Gryffindor 20
Hufflepuff 19

Close! Awesome work!


I can't figure out an easy way to count the score at the moment, but last time our Keeper, BCTS1022,  posted the unofficial score, we were ahead
Slytherin 21
Gryffindor 17
Hufflepuff 16
Ravenclaw 6

Since we've been pretty consistent with our ballroom tactics, I'm going to assume we're still the belles of the ball :) Keep an eye on our Quidditch Thread, for score updates.

My favorite projects of the week

NQFY, ThereSmiling, whipped up this beautiful shawl in a fortnight for Ancient Runes. Let's hope she likes hotties...

NeedlesNSwiffers' (spiked) Butterbeer socks. I don't know what they're spiked with, but it will warm you all the way to your toes!

Maigret's Mashed Potato and Tango. Think she might have been dancing to Christmas Carols... :)

Remember, Snakeys, there are prizes all over the place this month. Make sure you get in your Potions and Detentions, and don't forget to take your favorite hottie over to the Yule Ball for a while. They deserve a bit of fun.

waltzes off...

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