Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dancing Dancing Dancing!

The Yule Ball Event: Dance Steps is proving to be fast and furious. The cuppers seem to be really enthusiastic about learning the new dance steps. Here is the score as of this morning.

Slytherin 50 dances!!
Hufflepuff 39
Gryffindor 35
Ravenclaw 19

You guys are doing great! Don't forget our little motivation for this event. If you turn in 2 dances you will be entered into a drawing to win a Ravelry pattern of your choice up to $5. You have until Oct 30th to turn in your projects. Keep up the great work!!

Upcoming events:
Nov 1st: We will have 2 events starting on this day, The 3rd Tri-Wizard Task and Yule Ball Event # 3: The Yule Ball!

3rd Task To be eligible for the 3rd Task you need to have completed both Task 1 and Task 2. All eligible snakes are listed here. The prompts have not been listed yet, but we do have some information to keep in mind for the last task. The task will be worth 35 points for each turn in. The minimal yardage is 300. And the big difference is NO Spinning or Dyeing allowed for this task. You will have until Nov 30 to complete this task. Our tags are SEarth3QF11, SAir3QF11, SFire3QF11, SWater3QF11

Yule Ball Event # 3: The Yule Ball! It is time to dress your best. For this event you must create wearables/accessories or mini versions of wearables/accessories. More info can be found here. You have until Nov 21 to complete your project. Our tag for this even will be YBSlyQF11

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