Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Slytherins Attack Task #2

Task #2 is going on now!
While the Snakes were not the first to score in the 2nd Task we are currently holding a narrow lead.
Slytherin 2
Hufflepuff 1
Ravenclaw 1
Gryffindor 1

LambChop00 was the first of the Slytherin to score with her beautiful hand spun yarn

Followed quickly by maigret with her adorable hat!

Keep up the great work! You have until Sat. Oct 15th to complete Task #2. Remember to participate in this Task you need to have completed Task #1. If you have not read the prompts for this task please see the main Quidditch thread here. Don't forget to post the proper tag in your turn in post. The tags for Task #2 are SEarth2QF11, SAir2QF11, SFire2QF11, SWater2QF11

Quidditch Wrap Up
The Snakes made a very strong showing in both Task#1 and the Yule Ball event Pick Your Partners. See see my full report please check it out here. But be warned that Dancing Snape will suck you in.

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