Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Task #2 Continues!

Someone has slipped something into the Badger's Muffins. Right now they are dominating Task #2. We need to send either Hotties or Death by Cuteness to distract them. The score so far is:
Badgers 22
Snakes 14
Lions 12
Eagles 11

But never fear my Lovely Snakes there are still a few days left so keep crafting! For those who are still crafting remember Task #2 ends on Oct 15th.

Upcoming Events:
Oct 15th- Task #2 ends. Don't forget to tag your projects and posts! SEarth2QF11, SAir2QF11, SFire2QF11, SWater2QF11
Oct 16th- Yule Ball: Dance Steps begin! It is time to put on your dancing shoes and learn some new steps! You can learn up to two different steps. Learn more about the steps here. Important things to note about this event are you DO NOT have to work with a partner. Each crafted item must be at least 25 yards. And finally each item is worth 15 points each. The tag to use for this event is YBSlyQF11.

That is it for this week! Have fun everyone! You guys rock.

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