Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Mix

This week on the HMS Severus Snape:

Wedding stories
Prank advice for deserving hubbies
Potions competition
Thanksgiving recipes
Slytherlings and their sleeping styles
and this evil, evil post from the evil SoftNShiny.


Task 2 is well underway, and of the 70 Slytherins eligible to compete, I count 12 completed so far. Most of six days remains, so I'm sure there'll be dozens more. Watch that Quidditch thread. It's fun, just to see how creative people can get to fit What I Want To Make into the prompt somehow!


It's nearly 50% time! Technically, we have until the end of the month, but we have to remember that the end of the month is in fact two-thirds of the way through the term! Five have already been handed in for 250 points to Slytherin! Well done, quick Snakeys!


We have 6 NEWT students in Slytherin at the moment, and 4 of them are already up to 50%.

Bidibid is designing and knitting a beaded lace stole/star chart!

Eurekas is knitting and spinning All The Things, including

NeedlesNSwiffers is Evenstarring

And PEby has been doing a little bit of garter stitch, to start off with...

Woo hoo!

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