Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Showcase, week eleven!

Ai carumba, snakes. Somebody send me a hottie with a frond fan and a sangria, because I am positively baking in this summer sun. To combat the summer climes (or winter climes for our southern half housemates), chill out/curl up with these lovely projects from this week's turn-ins.

TheForestofDean is sure to get some giggles in HoM with these charming sock monkey hats.

God save the Queen('s tea)! PEby skillfully disguises an ordinary teapot with a clever charm learned in Muggle Studies.

FearlessLeader reanimates her Sugared Violets shawl in DADA. Lovely!

With a project showcase debut, Ephiphonora's fun striped socks! Just the thing to wear while lounging under the lake in the Common Room. Well done in CoMC!

And another Showcase debut by acemom! These wristwarmers will protect one from getting whomped in Herbology.

Inspired by the cozy madness on the Quidditch pitch, LambChop00 crafts a tea cozy of her own for Flying class!

Admire the harmonious swirl of colour in lillerina's cauldron -- surely an A+ in Potions class.

Using a precious bit of a one-time-only colourway skein, EvilOverlady314 brings out her inner snake in Charms.

Happy weekend everyone!

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