Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snake Staff Saturdays: Kims

In the final Snake Staff interview of the term, we're talking to Kims, our Water Mocs Big Snake + Dungeon Games Staff. She's positively ancient as a B2 student, but no matter because awesome doesn't age.

What made you join Slytherin Staff?
To help out :)

What's your favorite project from last term?My favorite FO from last term is my Tiare shawl, which I made as part of my Transfig OWL.  Vox8 showed me the pattern (Slytherin enablement for the win!) and I used a really bright blue teal yarn, increased the yardage by almost double and added beads.  I wear it all the time :)

What's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the Dungeon?Oh boy, do I have to pick only one?  Probably getting my friends to join the House Cup (and Slytherin) with me.  Or talking people into their first wollmeise purchases.  No, it would have to be talking Cubejelly into handing in DADA last February, because that resulted in this epicly awesome project.

What is something new you've learned thanks to the House Cup - technique or otherwise- ?I think everything I've learned about crafting in the past two years has either been Cup-related: Illusion knitting, Colorwork, Tunisian crochet, Spinning, Dyeing, and even Blocking (although I am non-practicing, they *did* force me to try it finally for an OWL).

Trapped on an island with one skein of yarn, what would it be?
Well, first I would tie all of my skeins of Madelinetosh, wollmeise, softnshiny and nerd girl yarns together.  Then I would pick that skein :D

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Snakes?
"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone. In other words, go all out crazy train with your crafting, because even if you don't make it to a First Class Quest badge you'll still have crafted some amazing things.

Thank you, Kims!

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