Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Showcase, week twelve!

Good afternoon, snakes! Just a quick stop in the Dungeon today for me, as I've got another dungeon to attend to this evening (Le gasp! TH is stepping out on us with another dungeon?!) -- 'tis true, I have a new responsibility as the Master of a local Dungeon. Wish me luck tonight, for I hear it also may be full of Dragons. ;)

Enough blather! On to this week's projects.

Xaintes swaps a real gem of a hat in Charms.

Take a tumble in Flying class? Lyonette's got your butt covered with this engorgio-infused blanket square.

Stealthy friends seems to be a popular choice for dodging past the Whomping Willow. This little guy will help jesseknits out in Herbology.

Speaking of Herbology, Jackiez32 embraced a very verdant theme for her HoM washcloths. (Sorry about the crop! @_@)

Colours within colours! This is some NEWT-level brewing by knitreaver in Potions class.

Howlerbabe repeats a project to make another cuddly friend in DADA.

Gracegoose's zig-zagging cowl artfully shows off the cool colours of the Lake in CoMC.

And finally, somebody had to bring a hottie to the party. Alrischa spins a lovely skein inspired by a well-loved alien for Muggle Studies.

11 days until end of term, snakes! Give those yarn balls a roll and come up with some critical knits for me to showcase next week! ;D

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  1. Look at those wonderful FOs...

    Slytherin for the win!!!!