Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mix - your favourite projects

Hello snakes! It's my final Monday Mix of the term, and so instead of offering suggestions, this week I'm showcasing some of your favourite projects that you've done this term.

StitchingMagic had a lot of fun making her Oh CARP! project, and was proud of her Crocheted Shrug of Awesomeness.

Next term, she's looking forwards to being able to see and breathe, and good news, snakes! We've managed to convince her to spend another term in the pit where she belongs.

Gothknitty was most proud of this amazing blanket she made, and really enjoyed the incredible dyeing that she did this term.
Next term she's looking forwards to kicking back a bit and going for more of a zen option. She did every class and every extra curricular that she could this term, so maybe she can have a bit of a rest next time.

Joseybug really enjoyed making her Slyther-mitts test knit, which helped her colourwork improve immensely.

Next term, she's looking forwards to being NEWT-free and hopefully fitting in an OOP mission. She says, "I loved the NEWT, don’t get me wrong, but wow - much more stressful than an OWL."

Lambchop00 is proud of her gorgeous shipwreck OWL, and especially loved that there were several Shipwreckers Alonging together.

Next term, she is most excited about the Detention OWL. "I really hope I get to sit for it and think this is an exciting and very welcome addition to the OWL lineup."

Piperredfern couldn't decide between her Hobbes and her Garnet Tantric Puzzle Top.
She's anticipating learning new things next term and trying new things that she previously shied away from.

In true Slytherin style, ElizabethsMommy chose her creepiest project as her favourite from this term. Her hand of glory is certainly very arresting.
She's plotting another sweater for next term, after her heavily cabled first sweater from this term. She's also looking forwards to another term of being on the staff.

Peanutzmom's gorgeous beaded Caladan was her favourite this term, and it's easy to see why.
She'll also be trying to win one of those coveted detention OWL spots next term. "I have SO MANY WIPS that I need to get under control!! I think the Detention OWL was a brilliant idea!!"

LittlePenguin had fun with minisocks this term: "They were fast, adorable, and so much fun! They also don’t require a lot of commitment; something I look for."
She's looking forward to handing in dobby-style mini and full sized pairs of socks for classes next term.

And me? My favourite project that I completed was definitely my Ice Giant gloves.
And next term I'm looking forward to trying OWLing again. I'm thinking Care of Magical Creatures.

Many thanks to StitchingMagic, Gothknitty, Joseybug, Lambchop00, ElizabethsMommy, Piperredfern, Peanutzmom and LittlePenguin for helping with this post. If you have a favourite project from this term, why not let us know in the comments?

Enable one another.

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