Sunday, July 22, 2012

Snake Staff Interviews: Joseybug and 3secondfish

This week we're interviewing a couple of sixth years, Joseybug and 3secondfish. Joseybug is the bartender in the Dungeon Bar & Grill, as well as being a big snake. 3secondfish is a monitor in Study Hall, helping us all slot in our projects where they'll be most appreciated.

What made you join Slytherin Staff?
 Joseybug: Love for my house.
3secondfish: I wanted to make sure that awesome Slytherin projects always have awesome stories to go with them.

What's your favorite project from last term?
3secondfish: I enjoyed my HoM OWL very much.  All the fiber I spun was shiny and had silk in it, and they were all among my favorite colors.  Did I mention the silk?
joseybug: Toss up - my OWL afghan or my Order Mission Citron or my Mapes

What's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the Dungeon?
3secondfish: This term, when I may or may not have incited a Shipwreck-along.
joseybug: Getting people excited about Quidditch!

What is something new you've learned thanks to the House Cup - technique or otherwise- ?
joseybug: Spinning & dyeing
3secondfish: I've learned that the lovely Snakes of Slytherin have a fine appreciation for wit, humor, and snark.

Trapped on an island with one skein of yarn, what would it be?
joseybug: Hardest question!!!!!!  I keep going back to HermioneJean's sock yarns - so one of those...
3secondfish: Very, very, very big.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow Snakes?
3secondfish: Craft with the good stuff, whenever you can.  Life's too short for crappy fiber.
joseybug: If you can't figure it out - someone is always here to help/enable/guide you.

Thank you, 3secondfish and Joseybug!

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