Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Mix: Last Minute Suggestions

Okay, snakes, we have one week remaining to totally dominate the cup. I know we only have to do one class each month to retain sorting priority, but I have some last minute suggestions for those of you who haven't fit one in yet, and if you have managed to do a class, well, do another one! All of these patterns are free, and use very little yarn. Look through your scraps and match up some yarn with a project.

I love this little ladybug hat. It's crocheted in around 90 yards of worsted weight yarn and I think it looks sufficiently alien for Muggle Studies. Alternatively, use it to protect a toddler's precious head from the whomping willow in Herbology or while Flying.

(image source)

For knitters wanting to create little alien looking creatures, or wanting to distract a grindylow in Care of Magical Creatures, these bunny nuggets use 30-50 yards of whatever yarn you have lying around. Also, heaps of Slytherins have made them before, meaning that they fit for Flying, too!

(image source)

You could do worse, for Potions, than to make this Little Fair Isle Hat. It uses fingering weight yarn in several colours - I know I have oodles of scraps of the stuff. If you make it using your leftovers of luxury fibres - I have scraps of cashmere and silk, for example - it'd fit well in Charms, too.

(image source)

Or - fruit is a plant, and this pumpkin hat is just adorable. It would go perfectly in History of Magic, and since we're going to be heading into autumn soon we might as well get ahead of ourselves!

(image source)

I think that the moral of this monday mix is, when you're running out of time, make a baby hat.

Enable one another.

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