Friday, July 20, 2012

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

The Elite 8 is done and here are the results.

The silver bar is for the first name listed and the green bar is for the second name listed. The numbers represent the percentage of votes.
The division hotties have been determined.  Nathan Fillion for TV, Severus Snape for HP, Johnny Depp for Movies, and Sexy Kilt Guy for Wildcard.

Now we pit TV against HP and Movies against Wildcard in the Final 4.  You decide who will go on to the Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!! Finals.

Nathan Fillion vs. Severus Snape
Johnny Depp vs. Sexy Kilt Guy (click for uncensored version).

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties Bracket Breakdown

Cast your votes now!  You have until 23:59 POT July 25th.

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