Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mix

Who shall I sit with in class this week? Hmmm. Let's see...

If I sit with Rockinsticks in astronomy, we can eat oranges while we stargaze... and giggle about Stiffening Solution...

CookKnitWine knows some girly pink Charms, though, which could be of great use to me... hmmm.

Miaparanoia could definitely help me improve my spinning in CoMC. What else are puffskeins good for, anyway ;)

Elizabeth'sMommy is in with those DADA centaurs, though. Orion's belt... hmmmm

Herbology whiz PlainSimpleGarak? No... that would be like sitting with Hermione! Too Good.  :)

In Muggle Studies, I'd sit with Knitreaver. She clearly knows all about the V-day, so she probably has some V-day chocolates on her...

EvilOverlady314 has her head around both potions and teens. 

And History of Magic is a subject made for Knitting Socks ;) so I'm sitting with Dabasque. 

Alrischa shakes her head, completely overwhelmed by the Awesome, and decides it might be a good week for Quidditch...

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