Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday MIx

It's the Hogsmead Long Weekend! Monday is the last day, so duck into Zonko's, grab a mini mini skirt from Gladrags, and fill your pockets with chocolate frogs from Honeydukes! Here are a few examples of the FUN GOING ON IN TOWN

The Three Broomsticks is hosting many -alongs, including lessons on how to spin and dye.

Slytherins are too badass for gloves, right Slothmuffin?
But beware: there seems to be an infestation of bunny nuggets. Just... check your chicken nuggets carefully, ok?

Gladrags Wizardswear is having a sale! All clothes have been ....erm... Reducio'd!

Kims shows some Slytherin Style

Still quality merchandise, though. Their knitwear is awesome, and there are accessories.

I've also been checking out hexipuffs and Madame Puddifoot's, and getting some Darning Mojo from Dervish and Banges. There just isn't enough time!

I hope they have another Hogsmeade Weekend soon...

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