Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hat Trick Update!

TrustCrazyIdeas here with a quick Hat Trick Update! 

As of my last count, there have been 53 House Cuppers posting hats in the Hat Trick Thread! 

Yes, you heard that right - 53 Snakes are attempting a hat trick! 

What is even more disagree is that we currently have 28 people who have already completed a hat trick!

Think it can't get any more crazy?  
You'd be wrong- as we already have one Snake who has completed an 
official Triple Hat Trick posting 9 hats! 

Yes- you read that right- 9 hats - in January alone! 

Who is this maniac of a Snake?  
Which Snake has made the Crazy in TrustCrazyIdeas seem sane?

None other than the one, the only -

Check out the awesome sauce she has been pouring! 

Congratulations PlainSimpleGarak for being the first Snake to be entered into the prize drawing!!!! 
(Now I should probably go pick out a prize!!!)

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