Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mix

Take off your Hat Trick hats, Snakes, so you can listen up for Earburns of Love and Bonus Points!

Not all projects will earn bonus points, and the point-system is shrouded in mystery. But if you put a lot of work into your classes last year, you may soon be getting a call. Those of you us who are controlling the stress via Spreadsheet just love this time of the month, where January's total can be tallied up!

So far, I have only seen Potions up, but the first Granger Brain award goes to Miaparanoia, who aced Potions with a bright, navajo plied, handdyed, handspun sportweight yarn :)

Miaparanoia's Potions spin, earning her a total 39 points

She was the pointsiest Slytherin there, and only one other person in the whole school topped it :)

Now, we have a mere 3 weeks left in the month (plus that helpful bonus day) so put your feet up, put your hot chocolate down, and finish all those things that you cast on last week! 

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