Sunday, February 5, 2012

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Feb 1-3


Obviously the entire Slytherin house is sick because the only 3 brave Snakes who turned in homework the first few days of this month were CraftyGryphon, KnitInferno and EskimoPam all for Muggle Studies. Super awesome job to you three!!!!!!

The rest of us had better get our ambitions in gear because here’s the down and dirty scoop: we’re losing. Not just this week – the whole thing. This week the Badgers were on top of their game, but overall we’re now quite a bit behind the Griffs-and we’re losing ground. Potions is for shrinking this month – made for a knit-a-long and this class is not to be skipped. Also, don’t miss out on Option 3 for Care of Magical Creatures – using scraps.

We’ve all got to pull together this month – everyone should try to turn in one more project than last month. It’s not really that we’re doing badly – actually we’re putting out more effort than last term; the problem is that all the other houses are just doing a lot more.

We can still do this! Go Snakes go!

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