Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Events

The last events for both the Yule Ball and Tri-Wizard are going on now! It seems most cuppers are concentrating on finishing their OWLs, NEWTs or playing with the new classes... because quidditch has been quiet this past week.

So far the Task #3 for the Tri-Wizard Tournament there have been NO scores from anyone. Remember you have until Nov 30th to complete the task. All the information you need for this event can be found on the last quidditch Blog here.

The Yule Ball has been a little bit more exciting. The cuppers are showing up to the ball with some lovely accessories. The score so far:

Slytherins 4
Hufflepuff 4
Gryffindor 3
Ravenclaw 0

The first Snake to show off her accessory for the Ball was Maigret! She made a stunning bag.

Keep up the great work everyone!!! You have until Nov 21st to turn in projects for the Yule Ball.

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