Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Mix

Here come some points!

I love this time of month! You know that all your completed classes earned 15 points each, but bonus points are such an unknown! Here are some of the top earners posted so far.

HolyCuteness with her glacier-inspired cardigan for Arithmancy : 42 points (27 bonus points)

Sandralice' Python-inspired cardigan, representing her animagus in Transfiguration: 44 points (29 bonus points)

PlainSimpleGarak made bacon! In scarf form to trick the zombies in CoMC : 37 points (22 bonus points)

Bewilderbeast made Hermione a lace shawl for Charms  : 52 points (37 bonus points) (and six awesome snakes scored in the 40's!)


Yule Ball. So far we are on a score of one. (Let us not speak of the badgers right now.) Of course, Slytherins are a crafty bunch of crafters, and we know to put our OWL's and our Order Missions first. Then we will dance.

Task 3. The remaining taskers are on 300 yards this month, and it does take a while to knit and crochet 300 yards of awesome. More to come... watch this space :)

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