Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here's to Mrs. Figg

This month's special Detention badge is named in honor of Arabella Figg, the "crazy cat lady" who watched over Harry Potter and protected him, without him knowing, for years. Described as a batty old lady with frizzy grey hair peeking out from her hairnet, Mrs. Figg was one of the unlikeliest heroes of the Second Wizarding War. This week's post is dedicated to her.

Bye Bye Horrid Yarn

It was GothKnitty's tribute to Mrs. Figg, a newly refurbished wig to cover and contain her wild grey tangles.


In the depths of a Little Whinging winter, though, a Squib needs something more than a wig to keep her noggin toasty. Something, maybe, like Warm All Winter, xsangel100's Potions homework.

Cupcake Hat

Even more than her ineffectual hairnets and embarrassing carpet slippers, though, Harry Potter knew Mrs. Figg for her love of cats. And I like to think that if Mrs. Figg ever sat down to knit, she would have knitted cupcake hats just like this one, created for Potions by kimanneberly, for her beloved part-kneazle companions.

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