Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Month, Last Tasks!

First up! Yule Ball Event 2: Dance Steps. The Snakes really stepped up for this event. The end results were so close I had to do a recount. Here the finial results

Gryffindor 98 dances complete
Slytherin 97 dances!!! So clooosee!
Hufflepuff 95 dances
Ravenclaw 59 dances
NQFY/SOS 12 dances

Great job everyone. I will be announcing the winner of our drawing later today.

Whats Next?
Tri-Wizard Task #3!!!
Task 3 starts TODAY. The prompts for this task is here. To be eligible to participate in Task #3 you need to have completed both Task #1 and #2. The complete list of snakes eligible can be found here. Important things to note about task #3
1. You will have until Nov 30th to complete this task
2. Minimal of 300 yards
3. This Task is worth 35 points!
4. No Spinning or Dyeing allowed this time.
5. Our tags are SEarth3QF11, SAir3QF11, SFire3QF11, SWater3QF11

Yule Ball Event #3: The Yule Ball!!!
Yule Ball also starts today. Information on this event can be found here. Everyone can participate in this event! Important things to know about this task.
1. You will have until Nov 21st NOT the 30th!!
2. Minimal of 25 yards
3. These items must be wearables/accessories or mini versions of wearables/accessories!
4. Each student can only turn in ONE item
5. This Event is worth 15 points
6. Our tag for this event is YBSlyQF11

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