Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Snake Blog Roll!

Hello, fellow Snakes, this is Reporter CraftyGryphon checking in! As you may know, a lot of Snakes have active craftblogs out there. For your edification, amusement and perusal, I've compiled a list of people with Current Blogs (i.e., posted since August 1 or thereabouts) who've said "OK!" to me linking them here. Go check them out; I've looked at them all as I put this list together, and you'll see/learn a lot of great things! So, in no particular order, here is the Snake Blog Roll:
Booknutty - knitpurldrop - A blog about knitting, traveling, being a rock star, and showing Martha Stewart how it's really done.

misselle - Miss Elle's Knitwear - A journey of knitting, spinning, frustration, and socks. Lots of socks.

Lunathecat - Orphic Knits - Handmade gifts for gamers and geeks

needlediva - Trouble Dog Design

BadAmy - Bad Amy Knits - Foul temptress. Yarn Hoarder. General funktress of mayhem.

linuxchic - Nerd Girl Yarns - Free patterns & blog

Cayden - Men can knit too - A blog about the life of a craft loving man.

rjc146 - The Knitted Sister - A knitting blog about my adventures with knitting, designing my own projects, dying my own yarn, and perhaps learning to spin. In other words, everything yarn!

Knitknot - String and a couple sticks - Wild and crazy Adventures in Knitting.

DanniBeez - The Inner-Musings of a Knerdy Knitter - Knitting + Stories + Boys + Music + Random Shit = Lexi's Blog

RockyMoreno - Rockinknit

Caitirin - Sister Nail Gun of Enlightened Compassion (Calm but Rageful) - The kraken stirs. And ten billion sushi dinners cry out for vengeance

kims - Dark Rhubarb - A Knitting blog

soprano1 - Knit The Raveled Sleeve of Care - ramblings about knitting and living

irishlacenet -

3secondfish - The Stars are God's Daisy Chain . . .

Strigidae - Knit Wise Owl

DaneMum - Danemum - Danish Knitting and Stuff

HolyCuteness - Spin.Knit.Kids.School.Repeat - Mommy. Student. Taxi. Maid. Chef. Reader. Researcher. Historian. Veteran. Graduate. Knitter. Spinner. Photographer.

suenosdejmi - Dreamy Jamie Knits, Crochets, and Lives... - This blog is about my crafting adventures, my real life and online adventures, and all the other stuff too. Enjoy!

CraftyGryphon - CraftyGryphon Knits

hermionejean - Hermione Jean Creations

theherocomplex - The Hero Complex

gnomenapper - Have you kidnapped a gnome today? - Ramblings of a Handspun Dyer

biteyfish - knittergeek - just your average geeky gal, armed with pointy sticks and yarn

trustcrazyideas - trust your crazy ideas... - knitting with a smile on.

BrittanyLaine - ...and one for the little girl who lives down the laine

cubejelly - Crafty Kati - Adventures in Eating, Drinking, and Being Crafty

GirlyWithATwist - Girly With a Twist - Where combat boots and hand-knits go hand in hand...

volkat - bumblekat - still thinking...

YarnandCookies - Mandrake and Valerian - Where creativity and insanity walk hand in hand...

canadiadry - Waiting For My Real Life To Begin

georginaelizabeth - bamboo needles & ink stains

vox8 - Tumped Duck

crazyredheadchick - Yarn is Like Oxygen - Patterns and Prattle from Ambure White of Semloue Manor Designs

fluttervale - Seriously? Fluttervale

Addreamy - Picking Up Stitches - The Stag and Lily's creative blog!
Have fun reading!

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