Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Snake Stalking

With the end of the month and the American Thanksgiving approaching the Dungeon Bulletin Board is proud to present this special epicurean feature.

Roast Your OWL (serves 1)

1 large basket of yarn
1 set of needles as desired for spice
Bottle of beverage of choice
Pattern optional

1.  Pre-heat lounge chair to desired softness.
2.  While your chair is pre-heating set adjacent table with beverages including straw to allow for hands free sippage.
3.  Place entire first season DVD of your favorite television show in the muggle machinery.
4.  Dispatch family and friends.
5.  Sit in pre-heated chair, take up needles or hook, add yarn and vigorously loop or chain as until thickened.

Toasted Headmistress Challenge (serves 1)

1 list of obscure holidays
2 -3 piles of sparkly stuff in appropriate colors
1 pattern for something you actually want to make.

1.  Select an area you want to decorate if only for a photo shoot.
2.  Drink enough to make you believe you have a flair for decorating.
3.  Grin crookedly and toss sparkly stuff all around the area until evenly coated.
4.  Find a prominent place in the vignette for your crafted item.
5.  Take a photo
6.  Post photo to the Snake Pit and ask the lovely and creative snakes there to come up with some type of outlandishly creative story explaining why your mittens are actually a decoration for "International False Confession Day".

Okay, so this post was a bit of a reach.  I forgot to coordinate the Snake Stalking feature so there you go.  Rockinsticks out.

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  1. I am totally printing out the Roasting Your OWL recipe to show to my spouse to outline my activities for Saturday and Sunday. The Big Snakes Made Me Do It will be my sole explanation.