Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Weekend Report

Hi Snakes! Welcome to October in the House Cup! This is Julia and it's time for another Weekend Report...

Along with a new month come new classes and a new House Unity Theme. This month we're asking that all-important question: how would you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Would you fight back the zombie hordes with the human survivors? Or would you join the growing ranks of the undead? Humans and zombies will battle it out this month with mass project turn-ins during the last weekend in October, Thursday Oct. 28th - Sunday Oct. 31st. Seakame is talking bonus point strategy and collecting project ideas in the Unity thread. My favorite suggestion so far? A severed monster finger that doubles as a chapstick cozy! Great project find, Sea-Jelly!

The human and zombie armies are amassing all over the Cup, so choose your side, choose your class and see who comes out alive! (and don't forget your project tags! “Slyzombie” and “slyocttheme” for the zombie hordes; “Slyhuman” and “slyocttheme” for the human surivors)

The new class assignments have been posted for three days now. I've been so inspired by all the prompts that I'm convinced the professors have been secretly plotting behind my back, trying to make me forget all about working on my O.W.L. by plying me with new project ideas and clever challenges...honestly, do they have no shame? If I didn't think that trying to invent a working time-turner would cut way into my knitting time I'd be all over that.

If you have yet to be caught in the professors' devious web of inspiration, keep an eye on Fosterson's Slytherin Study Hall to get a class by class breakdown of October and find great ideas for class projects.

Also, just a reminder - O.W.L. midterm points will be awarded at the end of this month! Post a pic showing that you're halfway done by 11:59pm PST on Oct. 31st to get your 50 midterm points.

In other Dungeon news, Abycat is hosting a Slytherin Pride Swap! Fill a package with one skein of yarn plus one extra goodie (<$10.00). Send it off to your swap partner and then wait anxiously by your mailbox to see what awesomeness you get in return. Sign up by October 9th if you want to participate.

And now for Quidditch! Slytherin totally rocked the Pride challenge and scored 1290 points! Dreamy Jamie broke down the point earnings here. There were 46 Pride projects and 200 cheers! You can see LNS's Pride Project montage here or in the header of the Quidditch thread in The Dungeons!

In other exciting Quidditch news, Rockinsticks has been nominated for a prize for her (cute cute cute) Snake Mittens! Congratulations Rockinsticks!

Looking for more Slytherin fun? The Ravelwealth Games are just starting up and Team Slytherin is playing to win! Based on the Commonwealth Games (...yeah, I had to look them up due to not actually living in a commonwealth nation...) the Ravelwealths are essentially a smaller version of the Ravelympics. The Games run from Oct. 3 - Oct. 14, so bring your wips or cast on a new project and join in the fun!


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