Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More New Snakes to Meet!

Hello, everyone! This is CraftyGryphon, Second Year Snake here to introduce you to some more of this term's new Snakes. But first, I'd just like to point out your class dorms, in case you haven't visited them yet:
Second Year Rumpus Room
Third Year Lounge
Fourth Year Dorm
Fifth Year Dorm
Sixth Year Dorm
The dorms are fun to check out; like the nests each has its own personality. (I can speak for the Second Year Rumpus Room - we've got a lot of personality in there!!) Your dorm is a great, non-threatening place to ask questions about anything about the Cup, the Dungeon, or, really, anything at all!

Okay, back to More New Snakes. As a refresher, I sent out a (totally voluntary/no-pressure) questionnaire, and got back lots of responses, which are still coming in!

Boa Constrictors

Who taught you? My grandmother would be the one that taught me how to crochet the first time. You see, she makes these wonderful afghans (of course sadly out of RHSS) and she taught me when I was little. I relearned this time last year when a couple of my friends (Zuks and rfullam in one of my college classes. I've been slowly teaching myself to knit (it involves lots of swearing).
Favorite thing to make? Hats & scarves. Usually they are fast to make and I have a bunch to wear for various activities
What OWL...? The one that you develop your Horcurxes with or Muggle Studies where I could make a sweater both sound fun :) I have a sweater that I want to make that I might do next semester for the dancing toaster. [Scary] The Transfiguration were you have to "disappear" a huge amount of yarn or Herbology with cables - cables scare me. O.o
Everyone should make... The Just a Triangle Shawl is one of my favorites, it's quick and easy to make and totally rewarding. It's my go to shawl. It's very easy to customize with edging too.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry... ANYTHING by TanglewoodThicket - her goblins are WAY ADORABLE!
My dream vacation... This is difficult. I'd love to go on a shopping spree in a cool (but not cold, ie Seattle) place and go from store to store that caters to crochet, get pretty wooden hooks and stop by coffee and chocolate places as well. Mhhh yarn and coffee and chocolate!
Who gets...? ME! I sometimes give things away but mostly I make for me :) Cause I know what colors I like and what sizes I wear :D
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... The Community is refreshing. You know that we talk to each other and become like family here and we watch each other's backs! That and the hotties are a plus ;)


wolfgirl88, back from vacation!
Who taught you? My grandma (dad's mom) taught me to knit when I was about seven but I didn't really pick it up again until a couple years ago (I'm 22 now and college is really good for crafting :P).
Favorite thing to make? I'm not sure I really have a favorite thing to make but I end up making a lot of hats and scarves…usually as Christmas presents.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry... Lion Brand Fireside Patchwork Afghan…I've been working on one for my mom and dad's anniversary for like six months now and it's challenging but not too hard and pretty fun.
Who gets...? My immediately family gets most of them (Mom, Dad, grandparents, brother) but I like to make things for my cousin's kids too (the little girl's three and the little boy's two).
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... I really like the dungeon group so far because there's really good discussions and everyone's super helpful for us newbies. I just wish that so far I'd been able to spend more time looking through what other people have been posting.

irishlacenet …where has September gone? Didn't it start just a week ago? Anyway, I'll be happy to answer as much as I can.
Who taught you?My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 6 or 7. I took a weaving class in college, and fell in love with Toika looms. Haven't learned to spin… yet.
Favorite thing to make? Small and portable: washcloths and hats are great for swatching things.
What OWL...? The one with the greatest chance of lace: Ancient Runes and Astronomy 3 look promising.
[Scary] The first one. I'm not sure I've ever crafted to a schedule. I'm hoping to do Muggle Studies this term - if I make the deadline for the proposal!
Everyone should make.... Ohhh… I don't know… A toilet paper cozy, perhaps? Like this knit one:, or this crochet one:
My favorite thing found on Ravelry... Just one…? Can't do it. For crochet, I have to say that I'm blown away by the designs of Antonina. And for knitting, I am awestruck by Herbert Niebling's doilies!
My dream vacation... Someplace between the trees and the water, where I learn something new and rediscover the joy of discovery.
Who gets...? Hm. Hard to say. A nursing home got most of the blankets, relatives got some, relatives still get some of the things I make, but I think I'm in a "me" phase. My swatchy washcloths. Mine!
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... The idea that I can explore my ambition without sacrificing my nerdiness. Spreadsheets are power!

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