Sunday, October 3, 2010

September In Review

I want y'all to bear with me for a few minutes while I ramble. For the past week or so I have been trying to come up with something worthy of reading. The days passed and I was working on class projects and dealing with two little boys. Then Oct 1st came and still nothing. This morning I spent time watching the race and trying to get some sort of inspiration from the Race Car Driver. But even he was having car issues. And there was nothing.

In an attempt to clear my mind, I started painting the edges in Slytherboy's room. It will be a pretty shade of green. Pea pod green to be more exact. This is far better than the dark teal like color it used to be. And that is when inspiration struck. So I spent the rest of the time hoping I would remember what just came to my mind and fearing I would forget it all.

September was a long month for us. The excitement of a new term was quickly overshadowed by an unfortunate incident which doesn't need to be brought up yet again. The one thing that kept me going through it all was my steadfast belief that we would survive. We may have stumbled but we will not fall. Why? Because we are Slytherin. And nothing can keep us from doing what we do best. Plotting and doing everything in our power to get that House Cup back from Ravenclaw.

Then I thought that many of our newer Snakes may not know a lot about me. So here I am in a nutshell. I have been here since the beginning of House Cup time. And currently I am one of only two 7th year Slytherins. I am multi-crafty in the I can knit, crochet, sew, spin, and do beadwork. I am a mother to 2 little boys - Ravenboy and Slytherboy. There is only 1 hottie that I am fiercely loyal to and that is the Race Car Driver. And I only spent 1 term outside of Slytherin. That was my 3rd term and I spent it in Hufflepuff.

Despite the rough start, I believe we had a much better ending to September. The 4 days of Slytherin Pride proved we still had it. We can still be a factor in the Chase for the House Cup. The spirit of the Slytherins is still strong. But we have to believe in ourselves. So all I ask from everyone is that you do what you can. Every project counts. Remember that.

Slytherin HoH & Keeper of the Race Car Driver

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  1. ♥♥♥ We really ricked the Quidditch Pitch last week, and I hope we can keep up the momentum!!