Friday, January 4, 2013

Diminuendo The Rest

Fridays on the Blog we will be taking an opportunity to see whats happening around the Snake Pit outside of the Common Room. 

Knockturn Alley

Knockturn Alley is where the Savvy Slytherin Shops. With the start of term and new snakes, many new shops have been added to the list in the header. Be sure to stop by so you can check out the new shops and while there check out the latest updates from the other Snakes as well.
Shop owners - whether you are on etsy or have a Ravelry Pattern Shop, we are happy to link you in the header of Knockturn Alley, just send a PM to LambChop00. Knockturn Alley is also the place to promote any sales, updates, new pattern releases and more.
Be sure to stop by - UniKnitter has a promotion running this weekend only, Peanutzmom has a few openings left in her Clubs and Starknits has a few spots in her Clubs too. 

Sssslytherin Ssspinning Lounge

The Sssslytherin Ssspinning Lounge has been abuzz about new wheels and decorating.  Did you see Cattiekins's new wheel?
Or how about Rockinsticks?

Slytherin Weaving Studio

Did you know that Slytherin has a Weaving Studio? Stop on by to see some of the new looms and lovely creations being created on them.
Alrischa has warped up the width of her loom - thats 160g of sock yarn there - Stash Busting!

Linuxchic transfigured a child's easel to a frame loom while waiting for her new Loom to arrive:

MorganLauren has this lovely weave going:

And GirlyWithATwist is plotting to stain or not to stain before diving in for her first weaving project:

Please let me know if there are other areas you would like to see highlighted here on Fridays. Happy Crafting Snakes!

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