Monday, January 7, 2013

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Jan 1-4

There’s a swirl of activity throughout all the classrooms as students return to their dorms or find their new ones. Hotties are sorted out and the bar is well tended to. There seems to be a lot of connections going on, not just with old friends and new, but between classes and houses as well.

TODAY – Jan 7th is the last day to post your bibliography (a link to a wrock song) to get extra credit in DADA class.

More bonus points if you can link your Flying homework and the first Quidditch challenge, due by the 12th.

Any student who participates in Charms all 3 months this term will obtain a special reward in March.

The homework tally after the first 4 days is as follows:

1. Gryffindor with 73 projects
2. Slytherin with 35 projects
3. Ravenclaw with 26 projects
4. Hufflepuff with 24 projects

I know you’re all distracted with OWL proposals, but now is the best time to get some quick homework projects turned in before you start the OWL, get distracted by Quiddy, get sucked into an OoP mission or are just having too much fun chatting in the common room.


Let’s go Snakes and get that Cup back!

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