Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hooray for the 1st!!!

Has the excitement of classes started got you not knowing which way to go? 
What to start? Which project should go where? 

If you're having problems trying to figure out what project should go where - or what should I craft now - You should stop by the Study Hall for help with classes! 

 Whimsical Class Suggestions for January 

Straight from the Snake Pit - thanks to the Study Hall mods -

Care of Magical Creatures - Unicorns

Rating: Unicorn ;)
Option 1: Colors of unicorns - gold, silver, and white. Have you been meaning to work with natural colors this term? Whether knitting or spinning, crafting looks awesome in natural whites and silvery greys. Dyeing with coffee makes a beautiful gold color. Break out those sparkly gold and silver yarns that you’ve been saving up.
Option 2: Strength and comfort. What do “strength” and “comfort” mean? If you’re thinking tensile strength, try crafting a felted object; or spinners, try a cabled yarn. Do you find comfort in homely rituals? Perhaps a tea cozy or sachet would be just the thing. Do you draw strength from solidarity with others? How about an item representing your ancestry, or even team gear. (Snake scout badges, anyone?) A touchstone, such as a cuddly stuffed critter, or something representing a personal hero?

Charms - Gripping Charms

Rating: Unicorn
Option 1: Protect your hands. Craft a pair of mittens or gloves with a Gripping Charm.
Option 2: Cover the object. Use holders and cozies as receptacles for your Gripping Charm.
Option 3: Spinning with the Gripping Charm. Spin grippy non-superwash fibers to show your understanding of the charm. (Slippery fibers such as, but not limited to, Merino, Silk, bamboo, tencel, milk fiber, and blends containing them are not acceptable.)
Option 4: Dyeing for attention! Dye in bold attention-grabbing colors, the more saturated the better!

DADA - Aurors

Rating: Unicorn
Sewing and needlework accepted this month.
Option 1: Go to a wrock concert or a song from one of the HP books, and craft something related.There’s a lot of these bands. I knew about Harry and the Potters, but there’s lots more now with names like Chasing Quaffles and Detention with Delores. It may take a little fishing, but there’s probably at least a tangential link to just about anything you care to craft. The crux of this prompt, however, is the story that you tell about your trip to the concert. Bonus points if you post a link to the video(s) of the songs you’re considering using for your project in the first week of classes.
Option 2: Craft something in House colors to bring or wear to the wrock concert. Now the time to make that House scarf/sweater, or pair of mittens or socks.

Divination - Preparing your vision

Rating: Niffler
Option 1: Cat’s Claw. Craft something with cats, claws, or yellow flowers, or anything related to the plant.
Option 2: Craft something useful to prepare for a task. Nearly anything can work here. Tea cozies - making nice cups of tea that don’t get cold before they’re done steeping. Pot holders - protect hands from hot pans so you’ll have some tasty biscuits to go with your tea. Bags - carry things that you need for your day.
Option 3: Hallucinations. Craft something that you must look at just so. Use subtle angelina or firestar in your spinning for a sparkle that you only see in the right light. Craft an illusion pattern that can only be seen at the right angle. Use an Escher pattern so that the image changes with your focus.

Flying - by the seat of your pants

Rating: Niffler
Option 1: Practical Professorship. For this option, it is required that you craft something you have done before, so craft in your most proficient way. Do you need another pair of those socks? Another scrubbie or two for the kitchen? Another hat that will match your new coat better than the one you made before?
Option 2: Flying underwater basket weaver. What would you do if practicality wasn’t a consideration? Would you knit underwear out of wire? Use some parachute cord to crochet one of those nets to tie down loads in your pick-up truck? Spin cat hair?
Option 3: Dream Quidditch team gear. You’ll need all sorts of gear for this option. A jersey in your team’s colors, mitts for your hands, a headband to keep your ears warm and your hair back, socks or legwarmers to keep the draft off your feet … nearly any wearable will do. Don’t forget to think of a team name!

Herbology - Mandrakes

Rating: Sphinx
Option 1: Screaming baby Mandrakes. Something that grabs the attention is what we’re looking for here. Something brightly colored, or perhaps something startling like a hat that looks like a chicken, or a backpack that looks like a small goblin is throttling the wearer from behind. Something surprising in its detail-intensiveness. If it merits a double-take, you’re probably on the right track.
Option 2: Hissing teenage Mandrakes. Craft with something that makes a hissing sound, like cassette tapes or perhaps ribbon yarn. Or make an object that actually hisses like a snake, or a hissing cockroach, or an angry cat, or a disappointed theatre audience.
Option 3: Chop your Mandrake. Steeks! Remember that you can’t have “steek” without “eek”! But on the other hand, you could use steeks for projects other than sweaters becoming cardigans. Steeks are an easier way of making a flat piece of colorwork without having a bazillion ends to weave. Consider what you might like in flattened colorwork, whether it’s as simple as a coaster, or as ambitious as a blanket.

Muggle Studies - Breaking Vows

Rating: Unicorn
Option 1: Fulfill a broken vow. For this option, you need to explain the promise you broke and the action you’re taking now. WIPs are acceptable for this option, but they must be less than 50% completed OR have at least 50 yards left to complete, so don’t forget your before-and-after pictures for proof. Personally, I may use this prompt to finish a barely-started hat for a sort-of Christmas present. Or the Socks of Eternal Ribbing. :P Anything left from your gifting list that you didn’t quite get to the finish line (or maybe the starting line)?
Option 2: Celebrate Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day. Explain the thing you were supposed to do, and what you’re planning to do instead. Instead of knitting squinty Socks of Eternal Ribbing, are you going to go spin pretty fiber instead? :: whistles :: Instead of giving up coffee, are you making a coffee cozy and a market bag to bring home as much coffee as possible?
Potions - Wit-Sharpening Potion
Rating: Niffler
Option 1: Wit-Sharpening Potion. Multiple colors and color changes are the order of the day. Craft in stripes and colorwork, or spin or dye in in multiple colors. The key to this prompt is that you are changing the colors, not the yarn.
Option 2: Self-Stirring Cauldrons. This is the option for self-striping yarns and variegated yarns.
Option 3: Precision Work. For this option, choose a project that requires focus. Try a complex cable or a bit of lace work, but don’t do it with your mind on dinner. ;)

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