Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slytherin Tournament of Hotties!!!

Here are the results this week's results.

The silver bar is for the first name listed and the green bar is for the second name listed. The numbers represent the percentage of votes.
What a week!  There were some upsets this week and one nailbiter.  Judge Dredd takes out Thor. 13th seed Karl Urban takes out Chirs Hemsworth who was seeded 4th, I didn't see that coming.  Selma Hayek had the early lead this week but just couldn't hang on against 6th seed Ewan McGregor.  This week's hottest hottie matchup with the epic battle of the cleft chin, Viggo Mortenson and Cary Grant.  This match up was 50/50 all week, I though we were going to have to go to overtime, but 14th seed Cary Grant scored a buzzer beater and came out 1 vote ahead.

This week we're taking a look at the TV Division.  Here are the returning and nominated hotties.

(1) Nathan Fillion vs. (16) Mark Harmon
(8) Patrick Dempsey vs. (9) Benedict Cumberbatch
(5) David Boreanaz vs. (12) Patrick Stewart
(4) Naya Rivera vs. (13) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
(6) Misha Collins vs. (11) Chris Eccleston
(3) David Tennant vs. (14) Gina Torres

(7) David Giuntoli vs. (10) Stana Katic
(2) Alexander Skarsgard vs. (15) James Marsters
TV Division Bracket Breakdown
Now it's time for you to decide who moves on to round 2!

Voting closes Wednesday September 19th at 23:59 POT.


  1. Spike versus Eric Northman? Not cool.

  2. There were some really tough choices in there!