Friday, September 14, 2012

Project Showcase, weeks 1 and 2!

Welcome back to the Dungeon, everyone! Fall term 2012 is in full swing and, not like anyone doubted it would happen, Slytherin is already turning in some truly impressive projects! Go on, ooh and ahh over your housemates' crafting!

Terik protects some thumbs from the abrasive paddles of Muggle kayaks in Flying class!

In the manner of Muggle pencil cases, sketchymurr keeps her Hogwarts supplies safe in Muggle Studies!

Combining high sailing danger with adorable silliness, as we Slytherins are wont to do, PSG brings Captain Jack Sparrow to Potions class!

Mimulus blesses the rains down in Africa with this springy pastel scarf. Well done in Charms class!

Maigret gets in touch with her Scottish roots in Ancient Runes, and crafts this classy cardigan.

Laurel10 enhances her portrayal of Amata with a beautiful pink shawl in HoM.

These gorgeous stitch markers will help craftyshanna keep an eye on things in DADA.

JaimeK examines the properties of elm as a wandwood in this silky, shiny shawl. Lots of wand-waving going on in the Herbology greenhouses this month!

Wondering if I should give these posts a more Hogwarts-y title... any ideas?

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