Sunday, September 9, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Sept 1-7

Welcome back all you awesome Snakes! This was our first full week of classes and for most of the week the Ravenclaws were taking over the school. We Noble Slytherins, however, were not to be deterred from our plotting and piled into the classrooms on Friday to show that we are still in it to win it.

Here are the standings on homework posts for the first week:

Claws in the lead with 67
Snakes almost on top of them with 66
Not far behind that are the Lions with 59
But right on top of them are the Badgers with 58

Flying was the favorite class of the week, but I highly recommend looking through the Potions pile of homework. There’s a lot of reckless wand waving already and it is awesome. Either have a Hottie standing nearby with a towel ready or forgo the drinking while reading.

Forget the homework excuses and ramp up your ambitions. Need something extra to ponder while doing miles of stockinette stitch? Dobby made Harry a pair of socks for Christmas with yarn he had bought from his wages while working at Hogwarts. What did they look like?

It’s obviously going to be an exciting term, but I have faith in you that despite the fun antics in the new pool we will come out ahead and keep the cup.

Go Slytherin go!

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