Sunday, September 16, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet to Total Domination, Sept 8-14

Oh my! The roar of the lions this week was deafening! Apparently we Snakes don’t like all the ruckus because although the Dungeon was popping, the classrooms were not. Last place for us this week.

This week the Gryffindors were amazing with 95 homework posts
Ravenclaws had 79
Hufflepuffs had 72
And Slytherins only 63

For those of you not doing quick math – that puts us on the bottom of the heap so far this term. Time to ramp up your Evil plans and put things into overdrive.

Favorite Snake classes this week were both Ancient Runes and Flying while the rest of the school (mainly boosted by the Gryffs) also loved Flying.

The socks Dobby gave Harry were one red and one green with snitches and broomsticks. Christmas colors or acknowledgment of Harry’s dual Slytherin and Gryffindor nature?

Show off your homework to me super awesome Noble Slytherins! We don’t want them to take away our pool privileges, do we?

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