Sunday, September 16, 2012

Notes From Poolside

Hi everyone, Jamie here, checking in from poolside! I plan on posting every Monday, and I will be sharing random things from all around Slytherin over the course of the term.

The latest thing I've observed from poolside in the Common Room is the forming of our very own Pinterest group! Hop on over and give us a follow, and parties interested in contributing should contact

Aside from that, be sure to keep an eye on the Announcements thread, where lots of different things are being advertised! There's a Slytherin mini swap coming up from the Sunshine Committee, we're gearing up to look Fabulous with the Slytherin Scheming Squad, Quidditch is going strong, and we're WIPing it over in the Hedwig Memorial Society. So get out there and get involved!

See you next time from poolside!


(also, I'm trying a Blogger App, so here's hoping this isn't funky!)

1 comment:

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